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Twist, the Filly Sitter.
I Can Do Thith!
Twist, for her part, was having the same reaction as the two little ponies sitting in front of her, confused and unsure, but for her part, she was feeling nervous too. She wasn’t scared at all, unless all the stories of how little fillies really could be demons from Tarterus, it was more that she had never met the two before. They did look innocent enough though, one being a colt, the other a filly, both somewhat the same color to her, but the distinct difference being the shade of their fur. Without her own glasses, she would not have been able to tell them apart, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were at least wearing different clothes, or that their hair was really distinct between the two. Still, being a gray color was not uncommon in Ponyville, it was just odd to see another pair of twins again. Especially when she factored in the note that they were orphans that were both adopted. She heard somewhere that some parents would only adopt one child
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What did she say?
What Did She Say?
Twilight Sparkle was many things in her life, ranging from being a student in a university, to becoming the student of the princess of the sun, to lending her own life lessons to that of a student of her own. She could say for certain that with every challenge or obstacle that had come her way, she had found a way to overcome it. Of course she never did it alone, as she always had her best friends by her side or in her heart to overcome any trial that came her way. Time was the only thing that became the unknown in her life now, as she never knew what the future would bestow upon her. Yet with each passing day, she found that the best way to deal with any problem was to either face it head on, or confide in her friends for help. However, today was something of a odd spectacle for her to think upon, as she had no theory to the situation that she was currently under.
At the moment, Twilight could be found in her castle, sitting on her throne with the element of mag
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Mature content
The Journey to Recovery: Prolouge :iconwaspjestor:WaspJestor 0 0
Babs and Twist's first fight.
The First Time is Always the Worst
By a Wasp!
Babs walked in circles at the Apple farm, very stressed and not knowing what to do. It had been an accident for sure, and she hadn’t meant any of what she had said. Oh how she wished she could just go back in time with a spell and fix everything. To bad she wasn’t a Unicorn with magic. She sighed once again, and kept walking in circles. She had to fix this somehow, and she would come up with a solution. Hopefully she could still at least be friends with her. ‘But what if she doesn’t ever want to see me again! Oh god, what if I just screwed up my only chance ever for having a happy life! Stupid Stupid babs!’
Through the window of the house, Applejack could only look on at her cousin with a frown. She had come back from town today and hadn’t said a word to anypony. In fact, she was acting different than she usually did. Babs would usually put up this tough girl act and show her pride with how she worked and
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No Regrets For Any of This!
No regrets for any of this!
“I won’t be mad at all, I swear to Luna and Celestia both, if you two just come clean. I just want to know where you both were and why some of my materials are gone.” Wasp said with a stern look to the twin ponies in front of her. Her gaze would go from one to the other as she awaited an answer from either of them. She wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she was royally peeved at the two kids. They had somehow gained access to her locked laboratory, taken some of her most precise materials and ingredients, and somehow not gotten caught at all until she noticed them sneaking back in near midnight with an empty yet glowing satchel. How they even got into her lab that was supposed to be hidden from everyone but her is beyond her own thinking. But that could come later; she first had to find out what they just did with her stuff. Wasp sighed once more, looking at the twins before softening her gaze. “Soph, Anubis, I just want
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Do you even know Babs?
                                       Do you even know Babs?
                            (p.s. Can’t do lisp, so have to learn )
It was that time yet again for the apple family, apple bucking season. Though every year the Apples would try to expand and grow more trees, they realized it meant more work for them. This year though, they realized that there may have been too many apples for them to handle on their own. Even with Applejacks friends, there were just going to be too many trees to go through in such a short time. It didn’t help that they had a deadline that was shorter than any time before. So for this bucking season, GrannySmith called over to the city and asked if “little” Babseed could come out and help for the time being. Of course, being family (and getting some pay), Babs
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I Can Do Thith!


Twist, for her part, was having the same reaction as the two little ponies sitting in front of her, confused and unsure, but for her part, she was feeling nervous too. She wasn’t scared at all, unless all the stories of how little fillies really could be demons from Tarterus, it was more that she had never met the two before. They did look innocent enough though, one being a colt, the other a filly, both somewhat the same color to her, but the distinct difference being the shade of their fur. Without her own glasses, she would not have been able to tell them apart, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were at least wearing different clothes, or that their hair was really distinct between the two. Still, being a gray color was not uncommon in Ponyville, it was just odd to see another pair of twins again. Especially when she factored in the note that they were orphans that were both adopted. She heard somewhere that some parents would only adopt one child thinking that if they were to adopt both it would be to much of a hassle. Would it though? Twist would most likely not know at the time.
For now, the better question was what to do now. Since their parents left, they had all kind of just been sitting in the living room. A living room in a ‘house’ that, while not a bad living space, was in a more uncommon area that she had not even expected. Their home was located underground, in the old emergency shelter beneath the barn. Apparently, according to Babs, her cousins had at first made it to hide or be safe from a lot of the danger that came around in Ponyville. Since the elements of harmony came to be now, she thought it was safe enough to rent it to the new family that had arrived about a year and a half ago. Why she had not ever seen them around? Twist would never know, not wanting to invade in privacy or if they had a reason to do so.
Either way, she had gotten a letter from the parents yesterday, asking if she would be able to babysit for the next week. Apparently they were going on some trip with Spike and Princess Twilight’s Assitant, Starlight Glimmer. She didn’t need to have the details, not that they specifically told her anyways. She just found it odd that they would one, choose to leave the kids here, and two, choose her to babysit. Twist would have to ask them at a later date, for now, the two ponies were still staring up at here, waiting patiently.
“Tho…what are your nameth?” Twist asked, adjusting her glasses. She wanted to let them introduce themselves, so she could get some insight on who they were. She was told earlier, but this was her first time being a fillysitter, and she wanted to make sure they knew she was nice. The only thing she was really worried about was if they wouldn’t listen to her.
“I’m Sophistara! I like to be called Soph though!” Said the young filly pointed to herself and smiled brightly. She had fur that was gray, but a lighter tone than the one sitting next to her. Twist smiled back at her, analyzing her carefully. She appeared to have her hair in a twin set of long ponytails, which would almost drag on the ground if it had not been put in by hair ties. She seemed to be so bright and full of energy, both good and bad for her. Good, because that meant the filly would be nice and happy, bad because she would most likely be full of energy. As she was done taking quick mental notes, she turned her head to the colt. He was the same gray, just a darker tone, and seemed to just have his hair going wild, mostly spiky, but going wherever it wanted it to be. Did he not care to comb it or something? She would have to find out later. For now, she waited for him to introduce himself.
The silence that grew in the air turned the moment awkward for Twist, as she continued to wait. She was not used to this kind of…situation were somepony would not at least introduce themselves. Usually, everypony in Ponyville was nice enough to say their name or greet each other. Yet he was just staring at her with eyes big and open. Was he perhaps a mute colt? It is rare for such a thing to be seen, in Twist’s eyes, as she had never encountered a mute pony before. She was unsure on how to approach the situation. She was about to voice a question when Soph leaned into her line of view and pointed towards the colt in question.
“This is Anubis, and don’t take it as an insult that he didn’t say his name. He doesn’t like to talk a whole lot, because he’s kinda shy. He likes to think more than speak, so I love to do the talking for the both of us!” Soph exclaimed. The look on the fillies face told all that she was proud to be the colts sister, as proven more by the smile that grew on Anubis’s face himself. Twist looked at the both of them with a smile of her own, thinking of how nice it was to grow up with a sibling that cared for you. She wished that she had grown up with a sister or brother, as it would have made the abuse she had to undergo a lot easier…or nonexistent at all. She was not at all going to complain though, as she now had a sister in the form of Dinky, when her mother and Derpy’s mother got married. It was nice now to have a sibling to look after you when you were at home, or to talk to when nopony else was around to do so. It was hard only having your mom being the one to talk to about everything, especially when she herself was busy trying to support Twist and make sure everything would be alright for her.
Twist’s thoughts were cut off when she saw that Anubis was pointing at her now. She was confused by such an action and merely tilted her head in the process of what he could be wanting. There was nothing behind her besides a door, and even then, it was to a closet.
“He trying to ask your name! Which you havn’t even told us yet! I mean sure, Mom and Mum told us, but you havn’t yet! I heard that’s very rude to do!” Soph said for her brother, making it dawn on Twist that she had been so collected in her thoughts that she had not even introduced herself. Luna, she should have read a filly sitting book or something to figure out how this actually went before she did this for the first time. That or she should pay a little more attention to things.
“I’m Thorry, that’th my bad. My name ith Twith” she said through her lisp. It aggravated her to no end how she tried to speak normally, and how because of her speech impediment, she was made fun of.
“I thought your name was Twist? Not Twith!” Soph questioned, leaning towards the mare.
“It ith,” Twist began, looking at the filly in question. “I have what you call a lithp.”
“A what?” Soph stared at the mare with confusion. She had never heard of such a thing before, or at least never heard of someone having such an issue. “Is it like being sick or something? I remember once I had a cold and had talked funny till I got all better!” The filly did shiver actions and mimicked being sick to show what she was meaning.
“No. No. Nothing like that. It juth meanth thath I have a hard time thpeaking.” Twist answered, only to be rewarded with a more confused filly.
“I…I don’t get it. You talk funny still. Like I know half what your saying, but the other half isn’t there in my head.” The filly, for her part, was really trying to understand what exactly was going on. She just didn’t quite get it with how her brain was processing it.
“It means she can’t speak normally like we do because of something that she was born with. A disability, if you will. Or in layman’s terms, she can’t speak without making funny sounds. By the way, she said it’s called a lisp.” A quiet voice said suddenly. It shocked Twist, as she looked around for where it could have come from. Her answer was received when she say Soph go and pounce Anubis to the ground.
“Thanks bro! You could have said it sooner though! My head was starting to hurt! To many big words!” Soph exclaimed, laughing while enjoying her brothers despair of being, once again, pounced by his sister. Twist, for her part, was surprised that someone their age could even understand what it meant. The twins had to at least be six, maybe seven. But even then, this colt just said words that even she wouldn’t know about by his age.
“Mmph!” was the only response given by Anubis, as he shoved his sister off of her and sat back down facing Twist. He only had a curious look on his face now, as if trying to read her.
“That wath ethplained perfectly. Good Job! How did you know that?” Twist asked. The colt, for his part, looked away after being complimented. It was cute, and Twist wanted to just squeal at how he was now getting embarrassed. When he did not answer though, she turned towards Soph for the answer.
“He likes to read a lot, and ever since we started taking lessons from Sunset, he likes to stay after and learn a lot more. I don’t though, I learn the basics and then go for freedom!” The response was not one she was expecting. Being taught by someone of Sunset Shimmer’s level was amazing, and for these two to even be considered for it, well, that was a whole different level.
“How did you two get Sthuthet to be your teacther?”
“I have no clue! When we were adopted, Mom went and talked to her, and now we are being teached!” The little fillies voice had no care in the world it seemed, only that she was happy. It made Twist smile, for she knew of another pony that was so full of energy like her, that baker pony, Pinkie pie. She was a hit with the whole town, and threw the biggest parties. “Can we eat by the way? I’m starving! I might just die! Oh my Celestia! What if I died from lack of food! Who would pounce ponies then!?” Soph, as Twist would learn fast, liked to over dramatize a lot of things. The filly went on to even make more drama by having actions showing she was dead. This was only solved by Anubis getting up, and poking her with a stick that, in Twist’s memory, came from no where. “Stop that! Ill Super pounce you!”
“Ill make thure you two eat. Justh give me a thecond!” The mare then went for the kitchen, finding a note on the fridge that detailed pre-made food. It was odd, not the pre-made meals being made for the three, but the amount of food that had been premade. There was more than enough to feed an army in the fridge and cabinet! Still, there were some meals on the note that, apparently by Wasp, said that she could have some fun cooking, as long as she didn’t blow the kitchen up of course. She went to work, wanting to create a meal that the two little ponies would enjoy, and hoped that she would not mess it up. She wanted to learn how to cook, but she was still not getting the hang of certain things. One of those was timing. It would be her luck that sometimes she would either burn something, or not let something cook long enough, resulting in somepony getting sick. She didn’t want that though, she wanted to be a cook. For the future! For when…If…She and Babs…
The blush that appeared on Twist’s face made her snout become the same color as her hair. She shook her thoughts away, and after readjusting her glasses, went to work. It took the better part of the hour, finding were pots and pans were, ingredients that needed to be chopped, and making sure to follow the recipe she had found to the tablespoon. The recipe itself was simple, but it was the ingredients that made it more…difficult for Twist to manage. The food she was attempting to make was a simple pasta dish, but it involved using herbs and other items that she had never even heard of. It was even harder when she couldn’t read some of the writing of whoever put the labels on the bottles; which after looking further into turned out to be Wasp’s writing just more lazily.
When Twist had finished the actual dish, she turned around and saw the mess she had made, leaving her with a sheepish grin. She was sure to be cleaning this up for the best part of the next hour after dinner, but if she had done this right, it would be worth it. Calling the twins to the kitchen was no problem, as they had been running around with little plastic swords in their hands, fighting each other as pirates or ninjas. It was hard to tell with one being quieter than the other. She had finished setting the table when the two had cleaned up, making sure to wash their hands like their Mum told them to do always.
“I hope you two like it! I thaw your mother’ths recipe and tried to follow it to the note.” The mare said to the twins. They only stared at her, curious by what she meant by that, as everything they usually ate tasted great here.
“How could you mess it up? It’s easy to do I’m sure!” Soph said, like there was nothing to it. This made Twist feel nervous, as if something was wrong with it, they would know, and she only hoped that they did like it.
“I’m thure it will be fine. Letths dig in!” Twist only said this as reassurance to herself. She was sure it would be fine. With a nod as her only response from the other two, the three took their forks and dug in….only for the two twins to spit it out while she herself tried to mange it.
“UGH! This taste so awfu-“ Soph started, only to be shut up by her brother, who was trying to get the taste of whatever he just ate out of his mouth. The look on his face told her that he too wanted to voice that opinion, but she saw that other look that said not to do so.
“I…I…” Twist for her part didn’t know what to think, as she was for sure that she had followed the recipe! How could she have messed it up this badly! Sure she wasn’t used to making such a dish with all the ingredients that Wasp put on there, but how could this have happen. She looked at the twins who had only started to stare at her, and Twist could only look away, feeling like a failure.
“So…what are we going to eat now?” Soph stated, quieter than her normal tone and obviously note wanting to say anything else. Twist, for her part said nothing, only standing up and removing the dishes from the table. She then got a premade meal from the fridge and gave it to the twins, who ate it happily, while she went and cleaned up all of her mess. She would have eaten with them, but all of a sudden Twist just did not have an appetite.
Her only thoughts now resulted on the present and past failures she has ever had. Going from not being able to make good friends, to trying so hard to pass certain classes or activities, to even just trying to fit in with anyone. How could someone like her even exist in such a world as this? She failed so many times in her life, and yet couldn’t count the number of times she felt proud of herself. Half way through a dish, Twist turned around, seeing that Anubis and Soph were gone, and that she was half way through the dishes. This made her only sigh, as she realized they wouldn’t want to trust her with such activities without screwing it up. Who was to say she wouldn’t screw up helping them if they got hurt, or helping them to bed, or anything! This was only the first day, her first time trying something new, and she couldn’t even handle it. She had let the twins down…their parents down…Babs down…and most certainly her own family down. Perhaps she should just call Wasp and Flake to come back, or look for someone more qualified to do so.
She knew that she was probably overdoing it with her own thoughts, but after trying so many times, she just felt like life was not going anywhere lately. Sure, this job was recommended by Babs herself, which made Twist feel good inside, but she mainly took the job to get some extra bits to go see Babs. It was difficult to be in a long term relationship, and it hurt her so much knowing that her marefriend was so far away. She missed the warmth that Babs gave to her, either from the protection she felt within her arms, or the kind gentle movements she made on her and only her. Yes, her Mom and new additions to the family gave her love and care, but it was obviously a different love then what Babs gave. It left her still a little empty inside, and because of how hard she tried to do everything right now, or to get along with others, it just hurt with all the fails that kept happening. With each one adding up and digging a deeper hole in her self-esteem.
It was when Twist finished cleaning the last dish and part of the mess from dinner that she noticed the twins had been super quiet. It was an odd behavior, knowing that earlier before dinner they had been really excited and playful. Perhaps they fell asleep, or passed out somewhere inside? She went to investigate, and then afterwards she would think about what to do for the next of the week.
“Soph? Anubis? Are you two okay? Where are you two?” she asked, going room to room. The home wasn’t that big or huge, but many doors seemed to line the place. She made sure not to venture into the rooms that she was told not to go into, but she would knock on each one to make sure they had not ventured into one of them. “Where are you two…They…They didn’t leave did they?” panic quickly set in as each word was said, and Twist hastened her pace in the search. It wasn’t until she returned to the kitchen that she heard a small noise coming from underneath the table. “What are you two..”
Twist had began to speak when she suddenly stopped and went silent. Apparently Anubis and Sophistara had both hidden under the table while she was cleaning and in thought, and fell asleep while doing whatever they were doing. It was cute, to see in dreamland. Twist was happy she found them, and let the breath she had been holding go. She would have to move them and put them to bed without waking either of them. Twist wasn’t the strongest mare, but she believed that the two were light enough to move both of them at the same time. So she moved some of the chairs, and got them up in her arms. Carrying them to their room was not the hard part of the ordeal, getting them to stop hugging her while they slept was the worst. She had tried to put them on the bed, but found both were tightly gripped to her arms, and wouldn’t let go. Sighing, she decided to wake them up slowly.
“Soph…Anubis…You two need to let go.” Twist whispered. The two only seemed to tighten their grip on her, while shifting sleepily awake.
“Twist?” Both mumbled, looking at her.
“Yea, you two theemed to pasth out, and ith bed time now.” The mare sat both of them down on Soph’s bed, holding the two because they wouldn’t let go still. “What were you two doing down there?”
“We..we were watching…you” Soph started mumbling. She rubbed her eyes to get more awake, but couldn’t fight off the yawn that came. “We…we were worried..”
“You two were worried, about what?” Twist only kept looking at the two in more confusion, what could have kept them like this?
“You…we didn’t want you to go away. You…” Anubis started, surprising Twist with his voice. “You looked so sad…we didn’t want you to go…you seem fun…and nice..” This was the statement that caused Twist to go wide eye, and only stare in shock at the two. She let them go and sat them in front of her, so she could get a good look at them.
“What…what are you two talking about? What..” Twist couldn’t think properly, what were they getting at, what could they be thinking.
“We saw you crying and looking so depressed when we came back to apologize about the food. It wasn’t so terrible, but we just didn’t like it was all. Mumma Wasp cooks weird, so it was nothing to be sad about.” Soph started, giving Twist a big hug to the silent Twist.
“We also don’t want you to go away, as we don’t meet that many people who just want to make us happy, versus just trying to keep our mum and mom happy. A lot of other people only see us as a way to get to them, and don’t see us. Your such a nice Pony, and we want you to be our friend!” Anubis continued Soph’s statement, and hugged her too. The both looked up though, and got scared for a second at what they saw now. “Twist..Why are you crying? Did we say something-
“You..You two are the besth!” Twist scared the two greatly but calmed them down as she hugged them tightly with tears in her eyes. It felt so good to her, to know that they cared enough to make sure that she was okay, and that they wanted to be her friend. Even after what seemed like a terrible moment, she felt so happy now. “Im sthorry for making you worry. I won’t be leaving, and we will be friendths”
They were silent for the rest of the night, and actually passed out on Sophs bed. Twist lay against the pillow, with one filly cuddling her left side, and the other colt cuddling her right. Of course, Twist was way too big for the bed, and was dangling off, but for this, she would not trade it for the world.

It was at the end of the week when Wasp and Flake returned, opening the door and being greeted by Twist. They were confused, as they would normally be greeted by a pouncing Soph, and then a smiling Anubis.
“Hey Twist, were back, how did it go? Where are the twins? Did they give any problems?” Wasp and Flake said. They only gained a confused expression when Twist made a big smile to the two.
“They were…perfect little angelths!” Twist exclaimed. “They are athleep at the moment, and are had a great week. They will be happy to thee you too.” This statement caught them a little by surprise, as everyone else that had every watched them would have complained or left earlier, calling them and making them come back. So of course, Wasp and Flake had been worried before they came back, but were now happy.
“That’s wonderful Twist. Thanks so much again, we can’t thank you enough. I will be sure to give you extra bits.” Started Wasp, digging for a bag, and then giving her a bigger bag then she thought she would get. The giddy happy Twist excitingly accepted it and thanked them, already seeing that it was enough to get a train ticket to go see Babs or for her to come see her. “By the by, did anything happen? I didn’t think anything would go wrong, but…Let’s just say it is hard to find a good fillysitter around here.” The way Wasp asked it wasn’t meant to be said as an insult, but she had a suspicion. After so many hours of trying to not kill certain ponies, it was a relief to finally find somepony who knew what they were doing, and that Anubis and Sophistara liked. Of course Flake would have had Setsuna look after them, but Flake had sent her on a vacation, and Wasp knew Setsuna needed one after working herself to death and taking her duty as bodyguard to seriously. Besides, they were her kids, and she wanted them to be happy always. Besides, Wasp knew Flake would kill her if something did happen.
“Nope, nothing bad happened at all.” Twist started, after being thanked with a hug again from Flake, who went to go check on the kids. “It wath odd though…” she continued, being led to the door by Wasp, who now gave Twist a questioning look.
“What was odd Twist?” The buzzing bug asked, wondering what could have come up.
“You didn’t thay that Soph waths a unicorn, or that Anubis waths part pegasthus. It theemed odd for twinths to be born like that. Havn’t heard a cathse like that thince the Cakeths.” Twist commented, giving a puzzled look to Wasp. “They are thure good at hiding it, you have to look hard for the horn or wingths underneath.” Wasp only stared at her blankly though, as if Twist had grown another head and had gone crazy.
“Twist…What are you talking about…they are normal ponies…”
Twist, the Filly Sitter.
*Tired Bug Noises*
  You have no idea how many times I kept rewriting the beginning of this and kept going back and deleting the whole thing after not liking it! Ugh, this took so long for me each day between work or other things!

This was also an experiment for myself to try and work on Lisp writing. I never quite understood how to do so, but I just want to practice different ways or find a way that satisfies me or gets me going. I know that I could imply the lisp, but I'm to determined to not do so. So to whoever reads this, any tips or suggestions would be nice, along with where to fix it. As I wouldn't mind doing that. 

So hey, if you like this piece, let me know, and please tell me things you like or think should be improved. Heck, I even like opinions as I expand my little world. So thanks for that stuff! 
What Did She Say?


Twilight Sparkle was many things in her life, ranging from being a student in a university, to becoming the student of the princess of the sun, to lending her own life lessons to that of a student of her own. She could say for certain that with every challenge or obstacle that had come her way, she had found a way to overcome it. Of course she never did it alone, as she always had her best friends by her side or in her heart to overcome any trial that came her way. Time was the only thing that became the unknown in her life now, as she never knew what the future would bestow upon her. Yet with each passing day, she found that the best way to deal with any problem was to either face it head on, or confide in her friends for help. However, today was something of a odd spectacle for her to think upon, as she had no theory to the situation that she was currently under.

At the moment, Twilight could be found in her castle, sitting on her throne with the element of magic above her head. She had been there for the best part of the day, staring off into space with the current predicament in mind. It had only been this morning when Fluttershy had come over to the castle, asking to have a private conversation with her. Twilight, not thinking much of it, had went along to the map room and asked her what had been on her mind. The conversation that had followed afterward had not been one she had ever in her life been expecting. It had completely caught her off guard, and as the conversation went on and on, she was left quieter and quieter, almost to the level of a shy Fluttershy. It was not until Fluttershy had asked Twilight the question of the year that she had slapped her mouth shut and stared at her.

She hadn’t meant to be rude or anything at that point, but the only thing she could do when presented with such a topic, let alone with the ending question, was silently stand up, escort Fluttershy outside, and bid her farewell. She had then went back inside, and sat on the chair since then, going over the conversation again and again. There were points where she questioned if she had been a little to rude on her friends departure, but she would immediately go back to the end of it and become lost in thought once again. Anypony that had knocked or requested her presence were met with either the silent treatment, or become ignored to the point where they would leave. The only ones that tried to get anything out of her so far and had little luck were her best friends. The only thing she would say to them was “I just don’t know where I stand at this moment.”

It had confused them greatly, and when her friends would ask each-other if they had any knowledge on the subject, they would only get so far. The evidence that four ponies, consisting of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie, could come up with was that it had something to do with their friend Fluttershy. Yet when they tried to question her on the matter, she would also clam up, and go shy silent mode. It was an odd occurrence, since they had become so close, but they could not figure out what to do. They knew that Starlight would not be able to help at the moment, as she was currently out visiting some friends of hers’ that she had met recently. Some cat or wasp, they were not sure. Either way, they were now trying to think of what to do, and how to resolve whatever was going on between Twilight and Fluttershy.

Brainstorming what the problem could have been between the four had gotten them nowhere. At first, Dash suggested that Fluttershy was having some sort of personal problem that needed Twilight specifically to fix, and Twilight didn’t want to help her. It was absurd of course, and quickly dismissed. Rarity spoke of Fluttershy openly admitting a secret love for Twilight, but was denied her glory of an answer when AJ spoke of Twilight dating Trixie, and though it was a secret relationship, Fluttershy was the one who got the two together, so it seemed unlikely. Pinkie Pie thought that there was some secret party going on, and that Twilight was trying to make it so grand that she blew her own mind up in the process. Of course she knew it wasn’t true, but Pinkie couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of it, and got a laugh out of the other three.

Applejack could not for the life of her think of anything. Being honest, she did not have anything that would remotely be possible, and without any other evidence to go on, the four felt that their friends were going to be like this until either one of the two came to them, or it solved itself. They didn’t care what the problem could be, they just wanted to help their friends fix this problem, and get back to being happy and hanging out together. The only idea that sounded good to the four of them was to ask Spike, but he was currently off with Starlight, as she wanted to have someone with her. The two were becoming friends, and they could relate to each other a lot. It seemed like a brother sister relationship at this point, but it was still a friendship that the mane six had come to enjoy.

It had been three days of Twilight giving the silent stare treatment, and Fluttershy going max shy mode, that the four friends were starting to go insane. They were about to grab the two ponies by their hooves and drag them together to find out what was really going on, when Spike and Starlight had come back. The four friends had finally had a sigh of relief, as they felt that if anyone had a chance to get something out of Twilight, it was Spike. After all, the two had been together longer than they had been with her. They had gotten to the castle when Spike and Starlight had arrived, and explained the current situation in detail to the two. It was the only hope they had in getting everything back to normal. While Starlight felt that she would not be able to reach Twilight, Spike considered the options he had and decided he would try to do something about it.

It was with all this in mind that Spike came upon Twilight, still sitting still in her chair, looking lost in thought. It worried him, as he questioned if she had even gotten up at all to stretch or event eat. Had she slept at all? The list of questions kept going on and on in his mind, and he carefully approached the alicorn with care. If this didn’t work out, then he knew that things would get ugly, and force would be used to get Twilight or Fluttershy to talk, and he knew that none of his friends wanted that on the two.

“Hey Twilight!” Spike said, his voice filled with energy as he tried to get her attention. She only turned her head to him, and seemed to look even deeper in thought as she stared at him closely. He swallowed his spit in response, becoming uneasy in the situation and wanting to suddenly go away. “Me and Starlight just got back from that camping trip with those two new residents that you wanted us to check out.” He started, hoping to get her to talk about the ‘quest’ that the two had been sent on. It had no response. “Turns out the two are actually pretty cool, just the Wasp having some genetic problem or something. They are nice though. I will tell you about it later….Did anything happen while we were gone?” He asked, hoping to start the probing into the problem.

Twilight only kept staring at him. It was starting to get very creepy on the little dragon, as he could see that she was now intensely staring at him as if he was the center of a theater and the spot light was only on him. Spike had only ever seen her like this twice in his life, and it meant that she was actually presented a problem that even she could not come to terms with. It was either something very personal to her that she could not confide in anyone with, preventing her from getting answers, or something that she just could not wrap her mind around. The first time such a problem had occurred was when Twilight was given the ‘talk’. It had taken her at least a week before she could even look at anypony the same way again. She had gotten over it of course, but she still had problems comprehending it.

The second event that this had occurred again was when Twilight was shown how a mare gives birth. She understood how the process worked, through books and lectures of sort. It was the actual video that she was shown that had her quiet. It turns out she couldn’t believe that a mare could go through so much pain to deliver a filly or colt. Either way, Twilight’s mind was something of a fortress, usually able to comprehend anything that came to be, and only ever breaking down in the impossible or with something that could not be processed by her heart.

“Twilight…What’s going on?” Spike finally asked, gaining courage to do his task. Twilight seemed only to register his voice, still lost in thought. “Look, I know that this must be a problem, but you can talk to me. Whatever it is, I’m sure me or your friends can get through it.” Spike noticed the look change in Twilights eyes, from glossy and staring off into space, to finally focusing on the world as it was. “Come on Twi, what was it that Fluttershy did that made your brain go to the cosmos? What did she say?” Spike asked, hoping to make this go faster, he didn’t like this at all and felt like something was wrong with this whole thing.

“Spike...”Twilight began, in a raspy voice. Spike, on his part, was concerned and relieved by this. He had gotten her to talk, but it seemed that she had indeed been sitting here a while. Seeing the coughing fit she had begun when she spoke, he quickly ran to the kitchen and got some water for her. When he had returned, he let her have the glass, and saw her drink it as if she had been in a desert. She must have been on auto mode, where she barely kept alive with what her body needed. She only went into this mode either in deep research, or this kind of event. Spike was just glad that she snapped out of it. Although, this did lead to a weird thought, that maybe he was somehow involved in the situation, as it happened with him asking these questions, and not with anyone else. What could it be then that troubled her?

“Twilight, what did Fluttershy say?” Spike tried one more time, hoping this time to get the full story.

“Spike..”Twilight started again, unsure of how to approach the matter. “We need to have a talk Spike.”

What proceeded to follow was at least a two hour conversation, consisting of many deep feelings and also a lot of food (Twilight was hungry after all). On the outside of the castle, Twilights friends, including Starlight, waiting impatiently. They wanted to know so badly, but had no idea what to do now. They hoped that Spike was able to get something out of it, but with how things were going, they questioned if they had lost two friends to some random conversation they had. After what felt like years to them all, the front doors opened. The all stood at attention, and waited to see who came out. When they saw it wasn’t Spike, but Twilight, they all grew concerned, until she greeted them with a smile.

“Hey girls..” She said, sounding tired, but happy. “I…know you girls want to ask me a lot of things, but I don’t think its in my best intention to…share this information. It is between Fluttershy and Spike.” She started, getting big eyes from everypony. “ With how it is, I want to say sorry for freaking you all out, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea. I would talk more, but right now, I have a full belly, and want to go to bed now. So excuse me this last time for being rude, but goodnight!” With that Twilight used her magic to scoot Spike outside, and went inside to get some much needed sleep. Unfortunately, that meant Spike now had to answer all the questions they had.

One by one, they started shouting questions at him, ranging from what had just happened, to how he did it, or even what the whole thing was about. They got no answers from them at all though, as it was Spike’s turn to stare speechless. It wasn’t until Rarity asked the one question he had asked to Twilight that he answered them finally.

“What did she say?” Rarity asked him, finally getting annoyed by all this drama going on, and not having anything to gossip with or help her friends with…whatever it was!

“I…I have to go to Fluttershy’s…Follow me if you want to know!” he began, before starting out into a run and going into a full sprint, all the while yelling back to them, “This is going to be big!” The only thing they saw before running to catch up to him was a big nervous smile on his face.
What did she say?
Well, this is going to be put into two parts. I might be evil with this, but I want to be evil! *evil bug noises* I know there is a cliff hanger, but no regrets! If you figure it out though, you get a cookie, if not, I guess you still get a cookie! 

Let me know how I did though, all thoughts are appreciated!

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The Journey to Recovery


If you were to look into the eyes of death, what would you see? Many would think that they would see their past, enjoying the final moments of that which they lived. Others believe that one would the way they died for all of time, never to gain peace or absolution. Those who seek knowledge and wisdom would tell you that upon looking into death’s eyes, one would only see eternal darkness. Whoever was right or wrong, one being wished to meet death and gaze upon what lied behind those eyes for the suffering that she endured to finally end.
Inside the dark forgotten depths of a research facility resided said being. She remained in a stasis state of being, fully aware of her surroundings, but unable to do anything due to her situation. Would she have done anything if she had the power to do so? She liked to believe she would, but without the knowledge of where she was or when she was anymore, she let her fate be set. To be studied and experimented on until the day she finally met death, and finally stare forever into its eyes.

Taking a different perspective from her own, which was just the feeling of liquid and needles inside of her, one would see scientist roaming around a laboratory. The room filled with gadgets, machines, chemicals and many bodies that occupied the space. There were many life forms there, ranging from hippogriffs to ponies, and even changelings believe it or not. They were given the assignment more than 900 years ago to create a being for a project called DRM. There were not sure when the assignment would be done, or when DRM would awaken, only that generations of scientist have been there for the sole purpose of sustaining the life that lie in the center room test tube
On first glance, one would see that whatever was in the tube looked to be a hybrid of creatures. A wasp was clearly present in the head region, with what seemed to be bird feathers on the torso, alongside dragon scales and claws as arms. The bottom half seemed to more complex ever, with bug like appendages that could be mistaken for mantis feet, and a tail of a wolf. Truly a creature of chaos or at least that is what somepony would think. Many ponies alike would even compare such a creature to Discord, the god of chaos. Could they be related perhaps? The answer to that would only be answered by either the scientist in the room or the creature herself…if she remembered how she got like this in the first place.
“Remind me again” a stallion said, breaking the silence, “why we are looking after this…thing?” He was of average build, but seemed to have an odd habit of twirling his pens in his hands. He had a tired expression that came with looking over a computer filled with life sign data and results for what they were injecting the test subject with. “I mean, it doesn’t do anything, and only responds when we give it a controlled shock by violently shaking.” He was talking to anyone that would answer his question, but he knew he would get the same response from his supervisor.

“Austin, how many damn times do I have to tell you, this ‘thing’ is important for our future survival and for Equestria’s future as well.” A bigger stallion commented. He was a bigger pony then Austin, and came with more muscles too. He was set in charge not just for his knowledge, but for his brawn too. “This thing has been alive for generations of my family, and I will not let it die on my watch. It has power, and power is what changes and affects this world!” The stallion walked over to the test tube that held project DRM and smiled as he ran a hand over the glass. “Even the elements of harmony would shake in fear of such a creature.”

“Even with that new princess’s student and her friends sir?” Another scientist commented. He was met with a glare from his boss and quickly tried to recover any respect he had from the man, which wasn’t much to begin with. “No-Not that they could, I am just curious sir. This…creature is old, and so far even princess Celestia has been talking about this new pony that apparently can wield the elements of Harmony like they were nothing.” He held his breath and waited for whatever was outcome. He knew that Strife would get angry, he was a power hungry fool, but he was smart enough to listen when he was given suggestions or thoughts.  

The stern glare given to the scientist by Strife gave him more fear with each passing second, but soon was gone when his leading scientist burst into laughter. “HAHA that seems like a good time. Those silly fillies wouldn’t know what to do with my ancestor’s creation.” Strife continued to laugh as his subordinate let out the breath he was holding for what seemed like a year. He was sure that he was going to be sent to the furnace room…no one lived when sentenced to that room. “Tell you what though” Strife continued, calming down from his laughter and looking back towards his fellow scientist. “You stallions better keep doing your job, as you should be thankful I let you live and give pay. I don’t think others would be so nice to do that.” He said, being stern and aggression in his voice. He turned back to his experiment and looked at it one last time before turning around for the door. “Okay everyone; make sure that the new phoenix DNA that we injected into it worked. It took 500 years to finally get that sample to work with it’s DNA, and I will not have anything go wrong. I’m turning it, update me in the morning at 0400 hours!”

“Sir yes Sir!” said everyone but Austin who just saluted. Strife knew that he was the laziest worker there, but he always got the job done, so he never got onto him. When Strife left, the scientist relaxed by an increased margin and decided to take it easy. Austin tapped his hoof against the ground, and started to get twitchy, annoying everyone there. A hippogriff named Ross though, had enough of this action though.
Everyday Ross worked hard and tried to show Sir Strife that he was a better worker and scientist then the lazy arse Austin, but he would never be recognized. All because Austin was the one who got the Phoenix DNA to work before him. He swore that Austin stole his notes and findings, but could not have any proof on the matter. But now, he had enough of this damn ponies action!

Walking up to Austin, Ross glared staring down at him as he looked at the lazy bum sitting there. He waited till the stallion in front of him looked up from the charts, only barely glancing at Ross before going back to the data that was continuously coming in. “What up Ross? Something going on with the stasis chamber?”

“Nothing wrong with the stasis chamber tube Austin, I make sure that the tube is always functioning. I actually WORK hard around here you know.” Ross said, making the emphasis on the work he does perfectly.
“Yea dude, I know. That thing was improved from your notes and findings. At least you don’t have to look at raw data 12/7.” Austin said bored out of his mind. He may have liked the pay, but staying down here in this research facility really got to him. He just wanted to go back home.

“Your damn right it was. Strife should be recognizing me more than anything, yet he always lets your lazy butt get away with everything!” Ross was getting angry again at Austin’s lazy attitude, that he just didn’t care at all. Why didn’t he just see that he should have been the one to take the glory of everything!

“He does? I don’t notice really. I’m usually staring at a screen that makes waves…Or that DNA stuff. Either way, this is booooorrring.”

“Well maybe you should just leave then? We all would be happy without you hear!” Ross raised his voice so the other scientist could hear. Some looked at them with fear, while others just tried to tune them out, concentrating on their work.

“Why would I want to leave? I’m stuck here either way until something happens.” Austin said, making a motion towards the screen.

Finally having enough, Ross grabbed Austin by his lab collar and put him up to his face. “Your just to lazy to do anything, like noticing when you’re not wanted! Nobody likes you here! Especially me! I’m going to make sure you never return back here again!”

“Dude! What in Luna!” Was all Austin could get out before the fight broke out between the two. Ross had done a sucker punch to Austin, sending him back against the wall. The other scientist rushed quickly over and tried to stop the oncoming brawl that happened, but to no avail were they able to even stop one punch between the two. It only escalated when the two fighters started to use objects in the lab to either stab, throw, or block whatever could be done. It looked like there would just be blood between the two till one died or got knocked out, that is until-

CRACK! The sudden noise caught everyone’s attention. Scientist stopped, and even Ross and Austin called a sudden truce to look back in horror to the subject in the middle. The glass…was cracking, and the split was getting wider! Ponies and creatures alike started to run about in a panic, trying to think of a way to fix it while the stasis tube leaked liquids. As each passing second went by, they fear in every eye in the room grew…until finally!


“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” A figure shot up from her bed, screaming. She was sweating and panting hard, looking around and gathering in her surroundings. The form next to her woke up as well in a sudden panic, registering what was happening. Realizing what had happened to her sleeping partner, she quickly gathered the girl into a hug, holding her tightly and rubbing her back.

“Wasp! Wasp. It’s okay, I’m here. Your safe dear!” came the response of a white cat. Her fur was thick and long, all while being a complete mess from the sleeping pattern she was in. She was worried about what it could have been to awaken her mate in such a form, but she would only be able to wait it out. Instead, she comforted the wasp that she had started a family with. When her bug had calmed down, she took her hands and placed them on the wasp’s shoulders. “Wasp, what happened, was it a nightmare? Do I need to send for Setsuna?” She asked, hoping she did not have to wake her guard. Underneath her breath she cursed her parents for hiring her, because she was still a baby to them, but she was a friend now, so she couldn’t just kick her away or be rude.

“No…No it’s okay…I just…the past is just catching up to me.” Wasp said, breathing hard as the events that followed her escape were red. She had killed, and yet she wasn’t in control during that escape…he was. Still, she left survivors, who she had hoped had lost her trail in searching for her. She calmed down after a few minutes, looking at her Fiance kitty and felt bad for scaring her. “I’m okay Flake, really. No need to worry about me. We have plans to keep tomorrow, so lets just get some more sleep.” She said, trying to convince her lover that everything was okay. Flake was not really buying it, picking up with her senses, but decided to let it go for now. She could pry details in the morning.

“Okay…but if it happens again, your talking or else! I won’t have this going on when we adopt soon.” She said, both happy for the thought of getting kids, but sad that she couldn’t help her buggy. They both snuggled into bed again, and flake was asleep within moment, cuddling up against Wasp.

Wasp for her part, stayed awake for a portion of the night, going over the nightmare that was present. She had questions, concerns even. This had been going on secretly for a while now, dreams of the past, and it was all building up to that one day of her escape. What could it mean though, and what actions should be taken? Should she seek out the princesses? She would have to think on it tomorrow. For now, sleep claimed her.

Outside the doorway, a Pegasus stood, ready for action. She had heard the scream and came rushing down, forgoing clothing and even weapon at the time. When everything was alright, she lingered a bit longer. She was worried, Flake loved this girl, but if something bothered her lover, then it bothered Flake. She would have to find a resolve, and hopefully fix it in the near future. She would not have an unhappy client….or best friend.
The Journey to Recovery: Prolouge
This is just a little pet project I have always wanted to do, which is getting back into writing. I need practice. This story is going to be updated randomly, due to work and other things, but when I don't update it, I will try for other short stories. That or longer chapters of this? It really depends on how this story goes. Whether or not I have actual people read or like it, eh. It will still be practice, and any feedback is always loved! thanks!
The First Time is Always the Worst
By a Wasp!

Babs walked in circles at the Apple farm, very stressed and not knowing what to do. It had been an accident for sure, and she hadn’t meant any of what she had said. Oh how she wished she could just go back in time with a spell and fix everything. To bad she wasn’t a Unicorn with magic. She sighed once again, and kept walking in circles. She had to fix this somehow, and she would come up with a solution. Hopefully she could still at least be friends with her. ‘But what if she doesn’t ever want to see me again! Oh god, what if I just screwed up my only chance ever for having a happy life! Stupid Stupid babs!’

Through the window of the house, Applejack could only look on at her cousin with a frown. She had come back from town today and hadn’t said a word to anypony. In fact, she was acting different than she usually did. Babs would usually put up this tough girl act and show her pride with how she worked and talked. Right now though, she looked timid…weak even, and AJ didn’t like it one bit. In fact, it scared her. It also didn’t help that she just didn’t know how to approach the situation. She kept thinking of what to do, but she really didn’t want to pry information from ‘lil’ Babs. If only Granny or somepony else were here. Curse Granny, Big Mac, and Applebloom leaving for the next week to see other family!

If she weren’t thinking on all this, she would have noticed that Babs had come inside and was walking towards her, hooves softly guiding her to the destination. “Applejack?”

The voice made AJ jump, causing her to almost scream, but she held tough, and looked Babs in the eye after calming herself. “Heya cousin, what ya up to? Everything okay?” she asked, shifting her hooves as the awkward silence wafted through the air, making it tense.

Time seemed to go on for a while with neither saying a thing. AJ was almost worried that she asked her the wrong thing, and was about to approach the subject again when Babs talked. “Applejack…have ya…every had ah fight with ah…lover?” She asked, looking away with a blush. The question came out of left field for AJ, not expecting such a thing from Babs. She had heard rumors of Babs being in a relationship, but she thought it was only that, rumors. For this to be coming out of her mouth, it made her…uncomfortable. However, AJ knew that something was going on with Babs, and for Babs to ask her this kind of question, it meant that she had to answer it!

“Whatcha mean Babseed? What kinda…fight did ya get into? And who is the lover ya talking about?” AJ asked, hoping that Babseed would confide with her. She wanted her to open up to someone, and if it had to be her, then she was going to make sure she was going to help.

“Well…I’m…having a secret relationship with…Twist..”Babs started, only to be interrupted by her cousin’s screaming.

“TWIST? Really? The girl with that lisp?” Applejack exclaimed. She quickly caught herself after realizing what she said and the look on Babs face. “No-Not that she’s a bad choice at all. She is a sweet girl after all, just didn’t expect you would be dating her. Good on ya!” She smiled, only to frown when Babs looked down to the ground.

“Yea…It would be great if I didn’t hurt her…” Babs said disheartened. Clearly there was more here than Applejack thought, she just hoped that it wasn’t what she was thinking.

“Now when ya say ya all had yourselves a fight…what happened?” AJ asked, hoping and praying to Celestia that they hadn’t gotten physical. She knew Babs had a temper when she was younger, but of course the filly had changed over the years. So she had faith in ‘lil’ Babs.

“It wasn’t anything bad at all AJ! I just…we…WE HAD A ARGUMENT!”  Babs all of a sudden yelled in tears, dashing towards AJ and wrapping her hooves around her cousin. AJ, alarmed, could do nothing but comfort the poor filly as she held on to her cousin. It took her a while before Babs had calmed down, but when she finally did, AJ backed away a little.

“Okay Babs, so you two had an fight, what did ya say to the filly, and how did it end for ya?” AJ asked, wanting to think of a solution to this whole problem. It was then that Babs explained how her and Twist were in town, taking a stroll when Twist started to lean on her. Babs, still new to the whole thing, started to move away, only having intimate moment with her in private, but still showing that they were friends in public. Apparently, Twist didn’t take to kindly to it, and started to continue to be closer, while Babs was getting frustrated. The two then went around a corner and started ‘talking’ about the problem, when on thing led to another. It was then that Babs accidently said “Well, I don’t want everyone to see me with such a dork!” It had been the wrong move on her end, as Twist had ran home crying.

After Babs had finished her story, she went back to staring at the ground. AJ went over the whole thing in her mind, and tried to think of a logical answer, but couldn’t. She saw Babs looking at her in desperation, so she tried to think faster. Her snout scrunched up, when suddenly a white marshmallow mare came to mind. Of course that mare was beautiful and quiet her opposite. She then reflected on how Babs and Twist could be similar to herself and the mare she had a crush on. What would she do if she had done the same thing to Rarity. Of course she would feel terrible and would try everything in her power to show that she was sorry. She would try gifts, pampering her, even making her a dress if she could, but she knew that none of that would make it better.

Thinking over these things, Applejack finally came to an answer that she knew would be the best answer. “Babs,” AJ started, gaining Babs attention. “What ya need to do is march right over to that Twist girls house right now, and tell her how you feel. Say that you’re sorry and explain that you didn’t actually mean it, cause nothing else will matter unless your honest. The first fight will always be the worst of fights, but relationships are built on honesty.” She said ending off with a smile. Babs looked to be comprehending what she had said, and continued to be deep in thought.

“Are…Are ya sure that will work?” Babs asked, worried that she would never get Twist back.

“Positive sugercube. I am the element of Honesty after all!” AJ said with a grin. Babs only stared at her with a look that showed uncertainty still in her eyes. Aj then continued, “Babs, if ya don’t even try, your aint following the Apple name. Apples always do their best, and I aint ever known ya to be…scared!” The last word put Babs right out the door with a determined look faster than AJ could say Sugercube. As she watched her go into town, she only hoped it would turn out okay.


The next day, Babs had returned from town, apparently staying the night, (Applejack had gotten a letter that told she would be.) As she came back to the farm, AJ just knew that things had turned out okay. It may have been the smile that Babs had on her now, or it could have been the feeling of confidence that came off of Babs. It also could have been Twist’s mom telling her all the juicy details, but AJ wouldn’t tell. When AJ had gone out to greet Babs, she was tackled with a hug that knocked her down.

“Thanks so much Cousin AJ! Your advice helped so much! Twist and me are happy again, and we agreed to go into this whole thing slowly so I can adjust! I can’t thank ya enough!” Babs did something really rare for AJ, and laughed happily, which caused AJ to laugh as well. Afterwards, AJ had to pinkie promise that she would not tell anypony that Babs went through all this and even remotely showed a weak side.

As Babs went over the details of what had happened, which included some hot makeout session that she skimmed over, AJ’s thoughts went to the marshmallow mare of her dreams, and thought about taking her own advice. Maybe she could ask her out for once and take her out for a time of her life.
Babs and Twist's first fight.
I just like the idea of Babs going to AJ for help, when AJ would just have to give the best relationship advice. 

Just a little something while I am in the middle of writing a story for my OC. It helps to always keep the mind racing. I need practice anyways. Don't mind any errors, but if you do find any let me know. I made this very late XD. Go Twabs! 
No regrets for any of this!


“I won’t be mad at all, I swear to Luna and Celestia both, if you two just come clean. I just want to know where you both were and why some of my materials are gone.” Wasp said with a stern look to the twin ponies in front of her. Her gaze would go from one to the other as she awaited an answer from either of them. She wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she was royally peeved at the two kids. They had somehow gained access to her locked laboratory, taken some of her most precise materials and ingredients, and somehow not gotten caught at all until she noticed them sneaking back in near midnight with an empty yet glowing satchel. How they even got into her lab that was supposed to be hidden from everyone but her is beyond her own thinking. But that could come later; she first had to find out what they just did with her stuff. Wasp sighed once more, looking at the twins before softening her gaze. “Soph, Anubis, I just want to know what happened. Those stones and gems that you took are valuable to me and were hard to come by, and if you two are in some kind of dangerous situation, you can tell me. I won’t be mad or punish either of you, but if something is going on, please tell me.” Again, no response was given to Wasp as she continued to look at the downward heads of the two ponies.

If somepony were to just be walking by, they would have found it odd why a wasp dressed in a jester outfit was currently talking to a grayish-white filly and a grayish-black colt like they were her own children. The reason for that would be because they are somewhat her children, not by genetics, but by adoption thanks to Wasp’s loving feline fiancé, Flake, asking (pressuring) her into wanting children. The two could not conceive due to multiple complications, and thus got word from a pony named Starlight Glimmer that there was an orphanage in a town nearby. Though it was strange hearing the caretakers whisper when they told them who had sent Wasp and Flake. It didn’t matter though, as they soon found themselves adopting twins when they learned that they had been at the orphanage for a while now. It would seem the two were trouble makers and parents would always come back because they just did not want or could not handle the two. Still, with the situation Wasp was in from her own past, she decided to take the chance and Flake agreed whole heartedly to the idea.

“There…is nothing bad going on Was-I mean Mum,” came the voice of Anubis, breaking Wasp out of her own thoughts of the past. It had only been a few months since the adoption, so they were still getting used to calling Wasp Mum, and Flake Mom. Looking directly into his eyes, Wasp motioned for him to continue. “We…were just…” Anubis started again but stopped and looked at his sister, as if asking silently if it was really okay to tell. Soph just shook her head, causing her twin pony tail hair to swish back and forth a little. Though the two were twins, you could easily tell the two apart from just their hair. Sophistara, or Soph for short, always wore her white hair in twin pony tails, while Anubis wore his black hair in spikes. Why they loved it that way, Wasp would never know, but it was one of the few things she was able to get out of the twins in terms of what they liked and loved. That was not to say they were quiet…well Anubis was, but Soph was full of energy. It was just hard getting anything from them about their past and learning more about the two kids. Wasp was not a quitter though, and she would make a happy family. Still, it was concerning her now that Anubis was the one talking and not Soph.

I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I don’t think I have any other choice. They are not talking to me, and Flake is out of town visiting family. I will have to take the risk! Thought Wasp, turning her back to the twins for a second. Flake will forgive me I’m sure. With a nod of her head, she turned back around with a smile.

“Anubis, Soph, I have a deal for you two! If you both tell me what you did, then I will give you both a present!” Wasp said cheerfully. Of course, the thought of a present got both ponies attention and made them stare wide eyed at her.

“A..A present!” “What is it!” “Is there two or just one!” “How big is it!” “Our first present!” Wasp heard the two yelling with excitement, and smiled at the change in moods. Still, as they were jumping up and down asking questions, she was concerned about that last comment, but she needed to get to the bottom of this.

“Now hold your bottoms! I said if you tell me the story here I will give you both one. So you have to start talking.” Wasp said, sitting down in front of them as they did the same. She didn’t know if this would be a long one or not, but she prepared herself for it.

“Promise?” Soph asked, with a questioning look in her eyes. Wasp of course saw past the questioning part, and saw the worry and want for reassurance in Soph’s and Anubis’s eyes. When Wasp gave the nod and a pinkie promise (which she still had no idea where the two picked up from), Soph decided she would tell the story. “Okay, well it started when we went to go for a swim.”


Anubis and Soph were both walking through Ponyville, after just having a lesson with teacher Sunset Shimmer, the twins wanted to just go and have fun. Not that Sunsets lessons were boring at all, as it was fun to learn about the world, but the two always enjoyed a more hands on experience with everything, so taking notes for hours was the bane of their existence. The notes only every stopped if Adagio or Snowshine were there, as they would be able to have a lot more fun, or sneak out of lessons. Still, how Mum and Mom got Sunset to teach them, they were still confused, but grateful none the less that someone took interest into teaching them finally.

“I’m so glad Adagio showed up when Sunset was about to make us write a whole 2 pages about the two princesses. My hands would not have survived!” Soph said, flexing her small hands as if to illustrate that they were in pain.

“You just need to write a lot more, I’m telling you that it’s not that hard to do if you just practice cursive like Sunset sensei asked you to do…although writing does take up time from playing!” Anubis said, readjusting his satchel. It was heavy for the poor colt since Soph never wanted to carry her own stuff, and thus made him do it. He wouldn’t complain though, as he was more organized then her in terms of their things…which didn’t consist of that much.

“Yea, but we need to practice all our skills, not just stupid writing! What if we get attacked by some giant timber wolf! I don’t see how knowing that Luna controls the moon or Celestia the sun will help us!” Soph stated matter of factly. “Besides, I want to go swimming finally! Flake bought us new swim gear! I can’t wait to do cannonballs!” she was jumping up and down now with every step that it looked like she was bouncing the whole way.

“We can never just have a simple and calm time, can we sis?” Anubis started, but when he realized that she wasn’t listening, he shook his head and continued on. Going towards the outskirts of Ponyville and heading towards their ‘home’, they started to run so they could get their swim gear. It wasn’t so much their home, as they didn’t feel like it was their home. They figured something would go wrong again, and that they would be back at the orphanage. It sucked, as they really always tried to be good, but somehow they would get into trouble, or their guardians would just find them too much with their curiosity and need to explore or touch everything. It wasn’t their fault though, they were just always curious to find out about the world, or find some clue about who their parents were. For now though, their current thoughts were occupied by the fun of swimming, and that is what they wanted to do!

After stopping by their home and grabbing their swim gear (while also leaving a note for Wasp so she didn’t freak out or anything when she got home), they headed towards the swimming hole they heard about. It was supposed to be near the Apple Farm, so they didn’t have to go that far thankfully!

“Kero, Kero.” Both twins stopped in their tracks when they heard the sound. Anubis looked at Soph with a look as if she made it, but Soph shook her head no. The two looked around for the source, but couldn’t find it at all. Assuming that they were hearing things, they started to walk again until a louder sound of the same sort was heard.

“Kero, Kero!” This time, both ponies looked right into the bushes that were along the sides of the road. They were getting closer to the forest, and thus knew strange things or creatures lived in these parts, especially the Everfree woods.

“Do…Do you know what that sound is?” Anubis asked, feeling scared and worried for what could be coming.

“N-No. I don-don’t!” Soph stuttered. She swallowed saliva that she didn’t know was there and stood straight, with sudden confidence in her eyes. “But we should go find out! Sunset Sensei would want us to figure it out!” She said, moving towards the bushes with Anubis close by and shaking his head.

“I’m pretty sure she would tell us to not look into it, but why not..” Anubis said, wanting to get it over with and deciding that he was more curious than scared now. “But, if anything bad happens, I’m taking your desert for three days!” Soph’s horrified look told him that they would be careful. Approaching the growing sound that they were hearing, they came across a site that they had never seen before. In the middle of a clearing was a short green…frog lady, with paper all around. Some were crumpled, while others were stacked or colored. The frog was looking down with green hair hiding her eyes, and webbed hands holding a pencil. She looked as if she was frustrated for whatever reason, and every few seconds, was making the strange sound they heard.

“Who…who is that?” Soph asked, looking at Anubis.

“I don’t know, never met her or heard anything around town yet.  Should we go ask?” Anubis’s only response was Soph already walking towards the frog and leaving him behind. He sighed and ran quickly to catch up. When the two got there, they made sure to be careful of all the paper, and stood in front of her, waiting to see if she would see them. It didn’t take long, as the green polly wog looked up from her current work.

“Well hello there kiddos! Who would you two be, and how did you come by my little drawing spot?” The green creature said. Soph and Anubis just looked at each-other and then stared right back at her, as if not knowing what to say. “Oh, silly rude me! I’m Frog! You can call me Frog-san though. Are you two lost or something? If so, I can show you the way home!” Frog-san said with eyes beaming and a wide smile.

“We are not lost! We were looking for a swimming pond to go swimming! Also your not rude, we snuck up on you like ninjas!” Soph said excitedly. Anubis just stood next to her shaking his head, wondering how many times she just went and talked to strangers. “I’m Sophistara by the way! Soph for short, and this here is my twin brother Anubis! Don’t mind him though, he doesn’t talk much!” Soph said, pointing to Anubis and smiling wide. Frog just looked at the two and smiled.

“Well it’s always nice to meet two new ponies around. Yet I think you two might be lost, as the pond your most likely looking for is in the other direction!” said Frog, as she took her pencil and put it in a small case that was nearby. “Ninjas you be though, you might want to work on your sneak attacks! I’m pretty sure that Ninjas don’t introduce themselves to everyone they meet.” The pouts that came from both Soph and Anubis made Frog giggle.

“Hey! We can so be ninjas! Give us any mission, and we can complete it!” Soph struck a pose of confidence and had eyes blazing with fury. “Right Anubis!” She questioned, looking back.

“I never leave a mission uncomplete.” He said, with a grin of his own. They may have been kids, but they always took everything seriously. They turned to Frog who was still giggling at the two. “Go on, challenge us Frog-san! We can do this!” It was now his turn to have his own confidence. They stared at Frog, who was calming herself down, and thinking.

“Hey why not, I got a favor, or mission for you two. See, I’m currently drawing up portraits for many ponies around Ponyville or for people who pay me. I’m an artist, and have the flippers to show it. The only problem right now is that I am running low on some supplies here.” Frog-san pointed her things that were scattered around. “If you two could be little darlings, I would appreciate it if you could get me some more pencils and ink. I need them to finish up things before hearts and hooves day! Lots of ponies out there who love their portraits created. Not that you two would understand what love is yet, but it is important.” The amphibian trailed off, but looked at the kids. “So what do you say, would you mind running into town and grabbing me some things?” She asked, with a smile.

“I don’t”  Anubis started before being interrupted by his loud sister.

“You bet! We will have it before the end of the day!” She stated, saluting Frog and then turning around and grabbing Anubis before taking off into a run. Anubis wanted to protest but she was already dragging him to hard and he had to keep up.

“WAIT! YOU TWO I CAN” Frog started to say, before realizing the twins were already gone and not listening. “give you some bits to buy it for me…Oh well, I will give it to them when they get back. Now back to drawing up that piece that Diamond wanted me to draw up, something about her and Applebloom kissing. Oh well, must be some secret love crush, since she didn’t want me to tell anyone.” Frog giggled again, and went right back to work.

Meanwhile, near the outskirts of Ponyville, the two twins were still running. It wasn’t until Anubis had dug his hooves into the ground that he finally got Soph to stop, albeit with a force of hitting the ground with her face.

“Hey! What was that for! We got a mission to complete Anubis!” She yelled, spitting out dirt that had gotten into her mouth.

“In case you forgot sis, we don’t have any bits! How can we afford anything!” Anubis said, pointing out the obvious. He knew that she wanted to do this task anyway, but how were they going to do this. He saw Soph thinking of a solution, but he quickly cut her off that train of thought. “No we can’t just steal it, nor make it ourselves. We don’t know how to make anything of art supplies.” Soph was about to open her mouth again but once more he cut her off. “And no, we can’t ask Wasp or Flake. Flake only has digital stuff, and we don’t know what they would say to this.” He finished with Soph looking at him with a hurt expression.

“Now you know I wouldn’t want that…After stealing the last time and what happened, I don’t want to go back. I was just going to say we could trade something for the stuff.” She said, not liking the thoughts of what happened with those police ponies that got them. She didn’t know that they would get yelled at for stealing candy from the market, but they both learned fast after that.

“I..I know, and I’m sorry for bringing that up, but maybe your right. Maybe they can take something else instead of bits. Lets go into town and find out. We should be able to do this in an hour and then go swimming!” Anubis said, running for town. Soph quickly followed after, and the two went off to what would become a whole day of fetch questing and no swimming.

What had happened next could only be summarized as the two running around and meeting ponies they never knew about. They would first try to art supply shop, only to be told that they would have to do a favor for the pony running the shop. He wanted them to go get a bottle of cider from Applejack, but when they got there, she wasn’t home. Rarity was there though, and told them that AJ was off bucking apples. To get the cider from Rarity, she told them that she needed to give a dress to Derpy for a date she had coming up with some mare she worked with, however she was missing a specific red silk. So the two kids were tasked and pointed off to Fluttershy’s house as she had a way to get great silk from a special spider there.

When Soph and Anubis got there, Fluttershy told them that the special spider would only make the silk if they had gotten the spiders favorite snack. It apparently only obtained at some castle where a dragon would know how to grow it. Said dragon at mentioned castle wanted a gem from a Rarities sister’s girlfriend, as some promise for doing something.  Rarities sister was easy to find, but the girlfriend was not, and so after losing track of names, told them to just get a necklace from a girl named Twist. When the twins finally found her, they had apparently interrupted a make out session between Twist and some other, bigger, stronger looking…girl? They weren’t sure at the time. Finally though, they got what they needed, and went to turn in everything!

When they got back to the art supply shop and gave the cider, they were given bad news by the guy. Apparently, being the greedy stallion he was, wanted them to get some stones to make the ink and pencils. The stores were apparently going to be the materials for the ink and pencils, and the cider was just to see if they could do what they asked…and because he was a meanie buttmuncher, according to Soph that is. How stones were going to be turned into ink and such, the guy only mentioned ‘magic’.

Sitting outside the shop, the twins had their backs to the wall and looked depressed and crying a little. “I..I can’t believe we just ran around for like four years and did all these favors, and we got nothing in return! We didn’t even get the stuff for Frog!” Anubis shouted angrily. “Where the heck are we even supposed to get stones with magic in them from?!” he continued, putting his head in his hands, and stomping his hooves in front of him. Soph looked at him and felt bad for getting the two into all of this, but suddenly stood up with a shocked face.

“I- I know where to get them!” she said with declaration. She turned to Anubis and got him on his feet in an instant, while he looked confused and wiped some tears. “Wasp has some! I keep seeing her sneak into some hidden panel in the barn house that she is ‘renting’ with all this weird stuff she gathers. I remember seeing some stones at one point.” Soph clapped her hands together and formulated a plan before Anubis could respond. “All we have to do is sneak in there and get it! No one should be around either! Rarity said that AJ was in the fields and Flake is out of town. Wasp should be helping AJ anyways, so lets go!” She started to take off again before being stopped by her brother grabbing her hair and making her trip for the second time today. “What the hay!” She started,

“We can’t do that! Those are Wasp’s! Do you want to get in major trouble! Look, I don’t know much about what Wasp does, or about Flake, but I do know that they have kept us longer than anyone else! I don’t want to go back Soph! Not again!” Anubis said, almost on the verge of tears. Soph just looked down and gave her brother a hug to calm him down.

“Look, we don’t need to take that many, and besides, we promised!” She said, backing away from her brother and putting her hand into a fist in front of her. “We never break promises, and we never quit missions!” she said.

“I…I..” Anubis looked concerned, but after giving it only five seconds of thought, decided to go with it and fist bumped her fist. “I’m with ya!”

“Then we gave them to the shop guy and got the pencils and ink made. Then we gave them to Frog-san . We then saw the time and ran back here…and now…Are you mad at us?” Soph suddenly asked, after seeing Wasp’s eyes close and look up in a thinking gesture. Her mum had her arms crossed, and her jester bells were making noises, along with the buzzing noises from her wings. Looking to Anubis, Soph only saw fear in his eyes, and suddenly both hoped that nothing bad was going to happen.

“So let me get this straight, you both went on some big adventure because you made a promise, and took some stuff from me without asking, just so you could go off and help other ponies and Frog-san?” Wasp asked, wanting to make sure. When she looked at the two, she saw the nods that were given and the scared looks on both of their faces. “Okay then, I just got one last question before I do what needs to be done…” Both kids tensed up quickly, and were waiting for what was to be done. They were already going over thoughts of being asked to go pack and everything, they were not however, anticipating the question that came from her mouth.

“Do you both regret any of it?” was the simple and confusing question that came from Wasp’s mouth. Soph and Anubis both looked up at her, then to eachother, and then back to her face with confusion written on their face.

“Wha-What? What do you mean?” Anubis asked, speaking for the both of them as they tried to reel the question in their heads.

“Do you both have any regrets for what you did today?” Wasp asked again. “Do you feel bad or wish you never did it?”

“I…We…”Anubis started, only for Soph to speak for both of them as she got to her feet with determined eyes and fist clenched.

“No regrets for any of this! We did what we thought was right, and we kept our promise! So go ahead, do your worst! We will pack ourselves and go back if you want!” She only looked up to her new mother for a second before both her and Anubis were swept into Wasp’s arms. The two were not expecting it and were suddenly being crushed.

“You two!” They heard Wasp say through tears. “I would never send ya back. Of course I may be a little upset for taking it without asking or saying anything, but I was more worried than anything about you two! Me and Flake would never send you two back, we promised you two we would be a family, and we are trying our best to make you two happy! Never be ashamed for the things you do that are good! I’m more proud for you two for sticking to your answers and being truthful. The most I could ever say is that I want you to do your best! Me and Flake love you, and always will.” When she finished her speech, Anubis and Soph couldn’t help but be surprised. They had never heard anything like that. When they got a little breathing room, they hugged Wasp back and didn’t let go for a while.

After about forty minutes, Wasp looked outside and saw that it was late at night, and that Soph and Anubis had fallen asleep on her. She couldn’t help but smile as she lifted them up and put them to bed. She would give them their ‘gifts’ tomorrow. She hoped they would like the scarves that were made from Flakes mom. How would she know though. She kissed the two goodnight and went to get ready herself for bed, before there was a knock at the door.

“Who…could that be at this hour?” Wasp said, going towards the door. As she peered through the handmade door window, she caught the site of green and opened the door. “Frog-san? Why are you here this late?” she asked confused. This was going to be such a long day.

“Kero! I finally found out were those two kids lived! They ran off before I could reward them, and it turned out they did me a bigger favor then I thought! Kero!” Frog said happily, bouncing on her webbed feet.

“Soph and Anubis?” Wasp asked, getting a nod from Frog-san. “They just told me the story of what they did today, but how did the two help you more?” she asked the polly frog.

“Well, me being the green artist I am, I got a lot of commissions since Hearts and Hooves day is coming up, you know?” She asked rhetorically. Wasp still nodded to show she understood. Frog then continued, “Well it turns out that whatever the supplies were made of that those two got me were filled with magic! It cut my time in half and got my work done super fast! It even colored it the way I wanted too! Because of that, I got the money I needed and now I’m going to be able to take Fox-sempai out for a really good time, or she will, either way! I will be able to make a great hearts and hooves day gift for her!” She bounced excitedly and more rapidly now. She looked like she was about to just hop off in one fell hop to her house.

“That’s wonderful Frog-san! I’m happy for you! But why are you here so late?” Wasp asked, gesturing to the time.

“Well, I was just so happy, so I got them tickets to go to a cool water park that I know of! They told me they wanted to go swimming, but didn’t get a chance today! So I hope they have fun! I’m off back home now! I have a fox to love! KERO!” Frog said with a shout of happiness and hopped quickly away. Wasp could only stare and smile at the sight, and closed the door. She wondered how many ponies Soph and Anubis made happy today, and how many hearts and hooves day’s they just made from doing errands. She giggled a little and went to get for bed, as she was really tired from making Flakes present special.

As Wasp laid down on her bed and closed her eyes, she had only two thoughts run through her mind. The first being:  Note to self, make sure to not let Soph and Anubis near that polly wolly’s pond for at least a week if what happened near New years happens again… and the second thought being: Yup…so going to get in trouble from Flake when she hears of this..
No Regrets For Any of This!
Two twin ponies helping a Frog out have a little adventure!

So, I have always wanted to start writing/typing up stories, but never had the guts or confidence to do so. Let's just say that thanks to a certain Frog, I feel like I want to start doing so! I don't know how good I am, or if anything will be liked, but I am so going to practice for sure! 

Anywho, I might as well start going and going, while I have some free time! Any help or improvement advice is always welcome! I will aprecciate it none the less! 

By the way, Frog-san is a cool frog that should totally be looked at! Her art is great!

This was typed up in like 3 hours, but I just wanted to do it. 



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