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The First Time is Always the Worst
By a Wasp!

Babs walked in circles at the Apple farm, very stressed and not knowing what to do. It had been an accident for sure, and she hadn’t meant any of what she had said. Oh how she wished she could just go back in time with a spell and fix everything. To bad she wasn’t a Unicorn with magic. She sighed once again, and kept walking in circles. She had to fix this somehow, and she would come up with a solution. Hopefully she could still at least be friends with her. ‘But what if she doesn’t ever want to see me again! Oh god, what if I just screwed up my only chance ever for having a happy life! Stupid Stupid babs!’

Through the window of the house, Applejack could only look on at her cousin with a frown. She had come back from town today and hadn’t said a word to anypony. In fact, she was acting different than she usually did. Babs would usually put up this tough girl act and show her pride with how she worked and talked. Right now though, she looked timid…weak even, and AJ didn’t like it one bit. In fact, it scared her. It also didn’t help that she just didn’t know how to approach the situation. She kept thinking of what to do, but she really didn’t want to pry information from ‘lil’ Babs. If only Granny or somepony else were here. Curse Granny, Big Mac, and Applebloom leaving for the next week to see other family!

If she weren’t thinking on all this, she would have noticed that Babs had come inside and was walking towards her, hooves softly guiding her to the destination. “Applejack?”

The voice made AJ jump, causing her to almost scream, but she held tough, and looked Babs in the eye after calming herself. “Heya cousin, what ya up to? Everything okay?” she asked, shifting her hooves as the awkward silence wafted through the air, making it tense.

Time seemed to go on for a while with neither saying a thing. AJ was almost worried that she asked her the wrong thing, and was about to approach the subject again when Babs talked. “Applejack…have ya…every had ah fight with ah…lover?” She asked, looking away with a blush. The question came out of left field for AJ, not expecting such a thing from Babs. She had heard rumors of Babs being in a relationship, but she thought it was only that, rumors. For this to be coming out of her mouth, it made her…uncomfortable. However, AJ knew that something was going on with Babs, and for Babs to ask her this kind of question, it meant that she had to answer it!

“Whatcha mean Babseed? What kinda…fight did ya get into? And who is the lover ya talking about?” AJ asked, hoping that Babseed would confide with her. She wanted her to open up to someone, and if it had to be her, then she was going to make sure she was going to help.

“Well…I’m…having a secret relationship with…Twist..”Babs started, only to be interrupted by her cousin’s screaming.

“TWIST? Really? The girl with that lisp?” Applejack exclaimed. She quickly caught herself after realizing what she said and the look on Babs face. “No-Not that she’s a bad choice at all. She is a sweet girl after all, just didn’t expect you would be dating her. Good on ya!” She smiled, only to frown when Babs looked down to the ground.

“Yea…It would be great if I didn’t hurt her…” Babs said disheartened. Clearly there was more here than Applejack thought, she just hoped that it wasn’t what she was thinking.

“Now when ya say ya all had yourselves a fight…what happened?” AJ asked, hoping and praying to Celestia that they hadn’t gotten physical. She knew Babs had a temper when she was younger, but of course the filly had changed over the years. So she had faith in ‘lil’ Babs.

“It wasn’t anything bad at all AJ! I just…we…WE HAD A ARGUMENT!”  Babs all of a sudden yelled in tears, dashing towards AJ and wrapping her hooves around her cousin. AJ, alarmed, could do nothing but comfort the poor filly as she held on to her cousin. It took her a while before Babs had calmed down, but when she finally did, AJ backed away a little.

“Okay Babs, so you two had an fight, what did ya say to the filly, and how did it end for ya?” AJ asked, wanting to think of a solution to this whole problem. It was then that Babs explained how her and Twist were in town, taking a stroll when Twist started to lean on her. Babs, still new to the whole thing, started to move away, only having intimate moment with her in private, but still showing that they were friends in public. Apparently, Twist didn’t take to kindly to it, and started to continue to be closer, while Babs was getting frustrated. The two then went around a corner and started ‘talking’ about the problem, when on thing led to another. It was then that Babs accidently said “Well, I don’t want everyone to see me with such a dork!” It had been the wrong move on her end, as Twist had ran home crying.

After Babs had finished her story, she went back to staring at the ground. AJ went over the whole thing in her mind, and tried to think of a logical answer, but couldn’t. She saw Babs looking at her in desperation, so she tried to think faster. Her snout scrunched up, when suddenly a white marshmallow mare came to mind. Of course that mare was beautiful and quiet her opposite. She then reflected on how Babs and Twist could be similar to herself and the mare she had a crush on. What would she do if she had done the same thing to Rarity. Of course she would feel terrible and would try everything in her power to show that she was sorry. She would try gifts, pampering her, even making her a dress if she could, but she knew that none of that would make it better.

Thinking over these things, Applejack finally came to an answer that she knew would be the best answer. “Babs,” AJ started, gaining Babs attention. “What ya need to do is march right over to that Twist girls house right now, and tell her how you feel. Say that you’re sorry and explain that you didn’t actually mean it, cause nothing else will matter unless your honest. The first fight will always be the worst of fights, but relationships are built on honesty.” She said ending off with a smile. Babs looked to be comprehending what she had said, and continued to be deep in thought.

“Are…Are ya sure that will work?” Babs asked, worried that she would never get Twist back.

“Positive sugercube. I am the element of Honesty after all!” AJ said with a grin. Babs only stared at her with a look that showed uncertainty still in her eyes. Aj then continued, “Babs, if ya don’t even try, your aint following the Apple name. Apples always do their best, and I aint ever known ya to be…scared!” The last word put Babs right out the door with a determined look faster than AJ could say Sugercube. As she watched her go into town, she only hoped it would turn out okay.


The next day, Babs had returned from town, apparently staying the night, (Applejack had gotten a letter that told she would be.) As she came back to the farm, AJ just knew that things had turned out okay. It may have been the smile that Babs had on her now, or it could have been the feeling of confidence that came off of Babs. It also could have been Twist’s mom telling her all the juicy details, but AJ wouldn’t tell. When AJ had gone out to greet Babs, she was tackled with a hug that knocked her down.

“Thanks so much Cousin AJ! Your advice helped so much! Twist and me are happy again, and we agreed to go into this whole thing slowly so I can adjust! I can’t thank ya enough!” Babs did something really rare for AJ, and laughed happily, which caused AJ to laugh as well. Afterwards, AJ had to pinkie promise that she would not tell anypony that Babs went through all this and even remotely showed a weak side.

As Babs went over the details of what had happened, which included some hot makeout session that she skimmed over, AJ’s thoughts went to the marshmallow mare of her dreams, and thought about taking her own advice. Maybe she could ask her out for once and take her out for a time of her life.
I just like the idea of Babs going to AJ for help, when AJ would just have to give the best relationship advice. 

Just a little something while I am in the middle of writing a story for my OC. It helps to always keep the mind racing. I need practice anyways. Don't mind any errors, but if you do find any let me know. I made this very late XD. Go Twabs! 
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