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                                       Do you even know Babs?
                            (p.s. Can’t do lisp, so have to learn )

It was that time yet again for the apple family, apple bucking season. Though every year the Apples would try to expand and grow more trees, they realized it meant more work for them. This year though, they realized that there may have been too many apples for them to handle on their own. Even with Applejacks friends, there were just going to be too many trees to go through in such a short time. It didn’t help that they had a deadline that was shorter than any time before. So for this bucking season, GrannySmith called over to the city and asked if “little” Babseed could come out and help for the time being. Of course, being family (and getting some pay), Babs agreed instantly. Of course, there was that other reason she was going, but she would deny it in a heartbeat.

When Babs had arrived, she had been put to work by her cousins. It had only taken a day though for word to get out that she was in town, so the few friends she did have came to visit. She would only get to chat for a moment, as she had to get back to working, not that she minded though. She liked the physical labor, it kept her strong and focused. It also let her keep away from the barn, incase somepony came that she didn’t want to see…or perhaps for somepony to find her out here in the vast orchid. She would take her chances though. She did have a week to spend here.

It was on the third day when she was having a lunch break that the pony she was both dreading and wishing for to come by showed up. It wasn’t that she didn’t want her to be here, Babs just did not want somepony to see them together. She felt that she had a reputation to keep up, but around her she just melted a little. Maybe it was the lisp that the pony had, or maybe it was the color of her hair and how it proofed. Perhaps it was those eyes that she possessed? She had no clue.

“Babs? Are you around?”, Babs heard said pony mentioned a moment ago. Her lisp was present, and she of course had come alone.

“Twist? Didn’t I tell ya to not come travellin alone. It can be dangerous to go alone!” Rounding the corner of the barn, she came face to face with the mare. She stopped a bit in front of Twist to look her over, and of course she couldn’t help but produce a genuine smile. She may have been small, but she was a small bundle of beautiful.

“I know, but I heard from Applebloom that you were back, and I had to come see you!” Twist said happily. “How long are you staying? Are you busy? Can we hang out?” She was on a question roll, and she was going to keep at it unless Babs said something.

“I’m in town for two weeks helping mah cousins out, I get a little bit of pay from it so I thought I could benefit from it.” Babs said, walking with Twist back to the side of the barn where she was eating some apples. When they sat down, Babs put the bag of apples in front of them and began again to eat. It was only when Babs looked over at Twist that she noticed the sad look on her face. “Whats wrong Twist?”

“So…” Twist had begun making circles in the dirt with her hooves, “You didn’t come back to see me either?” She had said it with a bit of hurt, but it was only the thought of something that came with worry. She had been so excited that Babs was in Ponyville, and had hoped to spend as much time with her as possible. They had actually been in a secret relationship. She hated that it had been a secret, but she understood some parts of it. They didn’t know how others would react, and even then, Twist didn’t know how many ponies would even believe her that she had gotten such a great and amazing mare like Babs. So she went with it. Still, she had hoped one day she would get to be free with their relationship in the open.

A blush began to form on Babs’s face as she began to look away. “Well…ummm.” She was still getting used to being in this relationship. It had not been that long, but it was still something for her to overcome in her time of learning about friendship and also about love. “You see, I uhhh…” Oh Celestia, she was really being shy about this. Babs did not like this at all. She was feeling so embarrassed by this but there was nothing she could do.

“Babs!! Break time is over! Where are ya sugercube? We got work that needs to be done!” A distant yell by Applejack snapped Babs out of her train of thought and got her right on her hooves.

“Sorry Twist! I got to go! I will see you tomorrow for sure! I will be in the barn counting apples so meet me in there! COMING!” Babs said in a hurry, leaving Twist behind. Had she looked back, she would have seen the little bit of hurt on her face, but Twist was used to it.

“Okay…love you Babs..” Twist whispered to herself. She got on her own hooves and started trekking back to Ponyville. It was such a short time today, and she went through all the trouble to come here too. She signed, knowing that tomorrow was another day. She slugged on for a few steps before raising her head up. “No.” Twist said suddenly, face determined. “I’m going to get my answer tomorrow Babs.”

You see, while Twist could make Babs go shyer than a normal Fluttershy, Babs had an effect on Twist that resulted in her gaining some confidence and becoming brave. This, as other ponies would find out in the future, would be something that could either be scary as Nightmare Moon, or heartwarming as Celestia’s sun.

It was around the morning on the next day that Babs could be seen counting barrels of apples in the barn. She was somewhat happy for the relaxing chore, but she also hated being inside and doing nothing but counting. She knew the importance of it, but she would not say that she would rather be outside. It was while she was counting that she heard the barn door open and let some light into the dark corners of the barn.

“AJ? Is that you coming in? I swear I’m counting. I’m up to 89 full barrels of red, 67 of the greens, and I’m working on sorting them away from any bad ones.” Babs said, not looking away from her stacks. She had to make sure that everything was in the right order, as she did not need another “lesson” on the importance of sorting the barrels from GrannySmith.

“Actually Babs…Its me, Twist.” Twist said in a tone that Babs was unfamiliar with. Babs had never, ever in her life heard that kind of tone used on her, and it made her turn around faster than Rainbow Dash could make a rainboom. When she was muzzle to muzzle with Twist, Babs realized three things. The first was that Twist had somehow crossed a big distance in a short amount of time. The second was that Twist had closed the barn door, so it had gotten darker in the whole place. The third thing Babs noticed? When had she gotten to the wall of the barn?

“Tw-Twist! What are you doing here so soon? I-I was expecting you to come later!” Babs said, back against the wall now. Twist stood in front of her, smiling at her. She gulped, becoming nervous. Babs noticed a certain…glimmer in Twist’s eyes, and it made her focus on them completely.

“You did Babs…you did, but I wanted to know the answer to yesterday.” Twist sat in front of Babs, eyeing her intensely.

“What…What was the question again?” Babs said, sweating a little now. She had never felt like this before. She felt like a mouse, with a cat getting ready to pounce on her. It was…both terrifying and exciting.

“Did you come back to see me, or just come back for work?” Twist said again, leaning closer to Babs. Babs started to hesitate again, muttering and trying to think of the right response to tell Twist, but couldn’t think of any kind of coherent sentence to make it better. Finally, Babs swallowed her fear and just said it, realizing that she was alone and with the mare she loved.

“Yes…Yes Twist, you were actually the main reason I came over so fast.” Babs finally said. She reached her hooves around Twist and pulled her closer, while Twist put her hooves on Babs chest. Their tails went around them and connected, fur and hair connecting with each other.

“Do you even know Babs…Do you even know how much that means to me, to hear you say that.” Twist said, leaning in further, chest to chest, and having the feeling of Babs heart beat with her’s. “I sometimes…Question if you love me or not sometimes. I..I wish you would come out and just say it sometimes.” Twist nuzzled Babs chest and cuddled for a moment, before looking back up into Babs gleaming eyes.

“Oh Twist..” Babs started leaning down closer to Twist face. “You know I love you so…” and was silenced when Twist pushed her muzzle into Babs, connecting their lips and starting a deep long kiss.

Had the two been more observant, or just not been in such a loving moment, they may have noticed an amphibian silently close the barn door and hop away, inspiration flowing through her mind and art wanting to be created from her hands!
A short little story of Twabs for a good polly woggy! 
Inspired by this :…
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
This makes me so very happy!  Thanks so much for doing such a sweet Twabs story!

Though the line "Babs had an effect on Babs" confuses me a bit".
WaspJestor Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2017
Most likely a typo that I will have to go through and find now XD My bad haha.  And then it was fixed XD
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ah!  Bueno!
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