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No regrets for any of this!


“I won’t be mad at all, I swear to Luna and Celestia both, if you two just come clean. I just want to know where you both were and why some of my materials are gone.” Wasp said with a stern look to the twin ponies in front of her. Her gaze would go from one to the other as she awaited an answer from either of them. She wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she was royally peeved at the two kids. They had somehow gained access to her locked laboratory, taken some of her most precise materials and ingredients, and somehow not gotten caught at all until she noticed them sneaking back in near midnight with an empty yet glowing satchel. How they even got into her lab that was supposed to be hidden from everyone but her is beyond her own thinking. But that could come later; she first had to find out what they just did with her stuff. Wasp sighed once more, looking at the twins before softening her gaze. “Soph, Anubis, I just want to know what happened. Those stones and gems that you took are valuable to me and were hard to come by, and if you two are in some kind of dangerous situation, you can tell me. I won’t be mad or punish either of you, but if something is going on, please tell me.” Again, no response was given to Wasp as she continued to look at the downward heads of the two ponies.

If somepony were to just be walking by, they would have found it odd why a wasp dressed in a jester outfit was currently talking to a grayish-white filly and a grayish-black colt like they were her own children. The reason for that would be because they are somewhat her children, not by genetics, but by adoption thanks to Wasp’s loving feline fiancé, Flake, asking (pressuring) her into wanting children. The two could not conceive due to multiple complications, and thus got word from a pony named Starlight Glimmer that there was an orphanage in a town nearby. Though it was strange hearing the caretakers whisper when they told them who had sent Wasp and Flake. It didn’t matter though, as they soon found themselves adopting twins when they learned that they had been at the orphanage for a while now. It would seem the two were trouble makers and parents would always come back because they just did not want or could not handle the two. Still, with the situation Wasp was in from her own past, she decided to take the chance and Flake agreed whole heartedly to the idea.

“There…is nothing bad going on Was-I mean Mum,” came the voice of Anubis, breaking Wasp out of her own thoughts of the past. It had only been a few months since the adoption, so they were still getting used to calling Wasp Mum, and Flake Mom. Looking directly into his eyes, Wasp motioned for him to continue. “We…were just…” Anubis started again but stopped and looked at his sister, as if asking silently if it was really okay to tell. Soph just shook her head, causing her twin pony tail hair to swish back and forth a little. Though the two were twins, you could easily tell the two apart from just their hair. Sophistara, or Soph for short, always wore her white hair in twin pony tails, while Anubis wore his black hair in spikes. Why they loved it that way, Wasp would never know, but it was one of the few things she was able to get out of the twins in terms of what they liked and loved. That was not to say they were quiet…well Anubis was, but Soph was full of energy. It was just hard getting anything from them about their past and learning more about the two kids. Wasp was not a quitter though, and she would make a happy family. Still, it was concerning her now that Anubis was the one talking and not Soph.

I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I don’t think I have any other choice. They are not talking to me, and Flake is out of town visiting family. I will have to take the risk! Thought Wasp, turning her back to the twins for a second. Flake will forgive me I’m sure. With a nod of her head, she turned back around with a smile.

“Anubis, Soph, I have a deal for you two! If you both tell me what you did, then I will give you both a present!” Wasp said cheerfully. Of course, the thought of a present got both ponies attention and made them stare wide eyed at her.

“A..A present!” “What is it!” “Is there two or just one!” “How big is it!” “Our first present!” Wasp heard the two yelling with excitement, and smiled at the change in moods. Still, as they were jumping up and down asking questions, she was concerned about that last comment, but she needed to get to the bottom of this.

“Now hold your bottoms! I said if you tell me the story here I will give you both one. So you have to start talking.” Wasp said, sitting down in front of them as they did the same. She didn’t know if this would be a long one or not, but she prepared herself for it.

“Promise?” Soph asked, with a questioning look in her eyes. Wasp of course saw past the questioning part, and saw the worry and want for reassurance in Soph’s and Anubis’s eyes. When Wasp gave the nod and a pinkie promise (which she still had no idea where the two picked up from), Soph decided she would tell the story. “Okay, well it started when we went to go for a swim.”


Anubis and Soph were both walking through Ponyville, after just having a lesson with teacher Sunset Shimmer, the twins wanted to just go and have fun. Not that Sunsets lessons were boring at all, as it was fun to learn about the world, but the two always enjoyed a more hands on experience with everything, so taking notes for hours was the bane of their existence. The notes only every stopped if Adagio or Snowshine were there, as they would be able to have a lot more fun, or sneak out of lessons. Still, how Mum and Mom got Sunset to teach them, they were still confused, but grateful none the less that someone took interest into teaching them finally.

“I’m so glad Adagio showed up when Sunset was about to make us write a whole 2 pages about the two princesses. My hands would not have survived!” Soph said, flexing her small hands as if to illustrate that they were in pain.

“You just need to write a lot more, I’m telling you that it’s not that hard to do if you just practice cursive like Sunset sensei asked you to do…although writing does take up time from playing!” Anubis said, readjusting his satchel. It was heavy for the poor colt since Soph never wanted to carry her own stuff, and thus made him do it. He wouldn’t complain though, as he was more organized then her in terms of their things…which didn’t consist of that much.

“Yea, but we need to practice all our skills, not just stupid writing! What if we get attacked by some giant timber wolf! I don’t see how knowing that Luna controls the moon or Celestia the sun will help us!” Soph stated matter of factly. “Besides, I want to go swimming finally! Flake bought us new swim gear! I can’t wait to do cannonballs!” she was jumping up and down now with every step that it looked like she was bouncing the whole way.

“We can never just have a simple and calm time, can we sis?” Anubis started, but when he realized that she wasn’t listening, he shook his head and continued on. Going towards the outskirts of Ponyville and heading towards their ‘home’, they started to run so they could get their swim gear. It wasn’t so much their home, as they didn’t feel like it was their home. They figured something would go wrong again, and that they would be back at the orphanage. It sucked, as they really always tried to be good, but somehow they would get into trouble, or their guardians would just find them too much with their curiosity and need to explore or touch everything. It wasn’t their fault though, they were just always curious to find out about the world, or find some clue about who their parents were. For now though, their current thoughts were occupied by the fun of swimming, and that is what they wanted to do!

After stopping by their home and grabbing their swim gear (while also leaving a note for Wasp so she didn’t freak out or anything when she got home), they headed towards the swimming hole they heard about. It was supposed to be near the Apple Farm, so they didn’t have to go that far thankfully!

“Kero, Kero.” Both twins stopped in their tracks when they heard the sound. Anubis looked at Soph with a look as if she made it, but Soph shook her head no. The two looked around for the source, but couldn’t find it at all. Assuming that they were hearing things, they started to walk again until a louder sound of the same sort was heard.

“Kero, Kero!” This time, both ponies looked right into the bushes that were along the sides of the road. They were getting closer to the forest, and thus knew strange things or creatures lived in these parts, especially the Everfree woods.

“Do…Do you know what that sound is?” Anubis asked, feeling scared and worried for what could be coming.

“N-No. I don-don’t!” Soph stuttered. She swallowed saliva that she didn’t know was there and stood straight, with sudden confidence in her eyes. “But we should go find out! Sunset Sensei would want us to figure it out!” She said, moving towards the bushes with Anubis close by and shaking his head.

“I’m pretty sure she would tell us to not look into it, but why not..” Anubis said, wanting to get it over with and deciding that he was more curious than scared now. “But, if anything bad happens, I’m taking your desert for three days!” Soph’s horrified look told him that they would be careful. Approaching the growing sound that they were hearing, they came across a site that they had never seen before. In the middle of a clearing was a short green…frog lady, with paper all around. Some were crumpled, while others were stacked or colored. The frog was looking down with green hair hiding her eyes, and webbed hands holding a pencil. She looked as if she was frustrated for whatever reason, and every few seconds, was making the strange sound they heard.

“Who…who is that?” Soph asked, looking at Anubis.

“I don’t know, never met her or heard anything around town yet.  Should we go ask?” Anubis’s only response was Soph already walking towards the frog and leaving him behind. He sighed and ran quickly to catch up. When the two got there, they made sure to be careful of all the paper, and stood in front of her, waiting to see if she would see them. It didn’t take long, as the green polly wog looked up from her current work.

“Well hello there kiddos! Who would you two be, and how did you come by my little drawing spot?” The green creature said. Soph and Anubis just looked at each-other and then stared right back at her, as if not knowing what to say. “Oh, silly rude me! I’m Frog! You can call me Frog-san though. Are you two lost or something? If so, I can show you the way home!” Frog-san said with eyes beaming and a wide smile.

“We are not lost! We were looking for a swimming pond to go swimming! Also your not rude, we snuck up on you like ninjas!” Soph said excitedly. Anubis just stood next to her shaking his head, wondering how many times she just went and talked to strangers. “I’m Sophistara by the way! Soph for short, and this here is my twin brother Anubis! Don’t mind him though, he doesn’t talk much!” Soph said, pointing to Anubis and smiling wide. Frog just looked at the two and smiled.

“Well it’s always nice to meet two new ponies around. Yet I think you two might be lost, as the pond your most likely looking for is in the other direction!” said Frog, as she took her pencil and put it in a small case that was nearby. “Ninjas you be though, you might want to work on your sneak attacks! I’m pretty sure that Ninjas don’t introduce themselves to everyone they meet.” The pouts that came from both Soph and Anubis made Frog giggle.

“Hey! We can so be ninjas! Give us any mission, and we can complete it!” Soph struck a pose of confidence and had eyes blazing with fury. “Right Anubis!” She questioned, looking back.

“I never leave a mission uncomplete.” He said, with a grin of his own. They may have been kids, but they always took everything seriously. They turned to Frog who was still giggling at the two. “Go on, challenge us Frog-san! We can do this!” It was now his turn to have his own confidence. They stared at Frog, who was calming herself down, and thinking.

“Hey why not, I got a favor, or mission for you two. See, I’m currently drawing up portraits for many ponies around Ponyville or for people who pay me. I’m an artist, and have the flippers to show it. The only problem right now is that I am running low on some supplies here.” Frog-san pointed her things that were scattered around. “If you two could be little darlings, I would appreciate it if you could get me some more pencils and ink. I need them to finish up things before hearts and hooves day! Lots of ponies out there who love their portraits created. Not that you two would understand what love is yet, but it is important.” The amphibian trailed off, but looked at the kids. “So what do you say, would you mind running into town and grabbing me some things?” She asked, with a smile.

“I don’t”  Anubis started before being interrupted by his loud sister.

“You bet! We will have it before the end of the day!” She stated, saluting Frog and then turning around and grabbing Anubis before taking off into a run. Anubis wanted to protest but she was already dragging him to hard and he had to keep up.

“WAIT! YOU TWO I CAN” Frog started to say, before realizing the twins were already gone and not listening. “give you some bits to buy it for me…Oh well, I will give it to them when they get back. Now back to drawing up that piece that Diamond wanted me to draw up, something about her and Applebloom kissing. Oh well, must be some secret love crush, since she didn’t want me to tell anyone.” Frog giggled again, and went right back to work.

Meanwhile, near the outskirts of Ponyville, the two twins were still running. It wasn’t until Anubis had dug his hooves into the ground that he finally got Soph to stop, albeit with a force of hitting the ground with her face.

“Hey! What was that for! We got a mission to complete Anubis!” She yelled, spitting out dirt that had gotten into her mouth.

“In case you forgot sis, we don’t have any bits! How can we afford anything!” Anubis said, pointing out the obvious. He knew that she wanted to do this task anyway, but how were they going to do this. He saw Soph thinking of a solution, but he quickly cut her off that train of thought. “No we can’t just steal it, nor make it ourselves. We don’t know how to make anything of art supplies.” Soph was about to open her mouth again but once more he cut her off. “And no, we can’t ask Wasp or Flake. Flake only has digital stuff, and we don’t know what they would say to this.” He finished with Soph looking at him with a hurt expression.

“Now you know I wouldn’t want that…After stealing the last time and what happened, I don’t want to go back. I was just going to say we could trade something for the stuff.” She said, not liking the thoughts of what happened with those police ponies that got them. She didn’t know that they would get yelled at for stealing candy from the market, but they both learned fast after that.

“I..I know, and I’m sorry for bringing that up, but maybe your right. Maybe they can take something else instead of bits. Lets go into town and find out. We should be able to do this in an hour and then go swimming!” Anubis said, running for town. Soph quickly followed after, and the two went off to what would become a whole day of fetch questing and no swimming.

What had happened next could only be summarized as the two running around and meeting ponies they never knew about. They would first try to art supply shop, only to be told that they would have to do a favor for the pony running the shop. He wanted them to go get a bottle of cider from Applejack, but when they got there, she wasn’t home. Rarity was there though, and told them that AJ was off bucking apples. To get the cider from Rarity, she told them that she needed to give a dress to Derpy for a date she had coming up with some mare she worked with, however she was missing a specific red silk. So the two kids were tasked and pointed off to Fluttershy’s house as she had a way to get great silk from a special spider there.

When Soph and Anubis got there, Fluttershy told them that the special spider would only make the silk if they had gotten the spiders favorite snack. It apparently only obtained at some castle where a dragon would know how to grow it. Said dragon at mentioned castle wanted a gem from a Rarities sister’s girlfriend, as some promise for doing something.  Rarities sister was easy to find, but the girlfriend was not, and so after losing track of names, told them to just get a necklace from a girl named Twist. When the twins finally found her, they had apparently interrupted a make out session between Twist and some other, bigger, stronger looking…girl? They weren’t sure at the time. Finally though, they got what they needed, and went to turn in everything!

When they got back to the art supply shop and gave the cider, they were given bad news by the guy. Apparently, being the greedy stallion he was, wanted them to get some stones to make the ink and pencils. The stores were apparently going to be the materials for the ink and pencils, and the cider was just to see if they could do what they asked…and because he was a meanie buttmuncher, according to Soph that is. How stones were going to be turned into ink and such, the guy only mentioned ‘magic’.

Sitting outside the shop, the twins had their backs to the wall and looked depressed and crying a little. “I..I can’t believe we just ran around for like four years and did all these favors, and we got nothing in return! We didn’t even get the stuff for Frog!” Anubis shouted angrily. “Where the heck are we even supposed to get stones with magic in them from?!” he continued, putting his head in his hands, and stomping his hooves in front of him. Soph looked at him and felt bad for getting the two into all of this, but suddenly stood up with a shocked face.

“I- I know where to get them!” she said with declaration. She turned to Anubis and got him on his feet in an instant, while he looked confused and wiped some tears. “Wasp has some! I keep seeing her sneak into some hidden panel in the barn house that she is ‘renting’ with all this weird stuff she gathers. I remember seeing some stones at one point.” Soph clapped her hands together and formulated a plan before Anubis could respond. “All we have to do is sneak in there and get it! No one should be around either! Rarity said that AJ was in the fields and Flake is out of town. Wasp should be helping AJ anyways, so lets go!” She started to take off again before being stopped by her brother grabbing her hair and making her trip for the second time today. “What the hay!” She started,

“We can’t do that! Those are Wasp’s! Do you want to get in major trouble! Look, I don’t know much about what Wasp does, or about Flake, but I do know that they have kept us longer than anyone else! I don’t want to go back Soph! Not again!” Anubis said, almost on the verge of tears. Soph just looked down and gave her brother a hug to calm him down.

“Look, we don’t need to take that many, and besides, we promised!” She said, backing away from her brother and putting her hand into a fist in front of her. “We never break promises, and we never quit missions!” she said.

“I…I..” Anubis looked concerned, but after giving it only five seconds of thought, decided to go with it and fist bumped her fist. “I’m with ya!”

“Then we gave them to the shop guy and got the pencils and ink made. Then we gave them to Frog-san . We then saw the time and ran back here…and now…Are you mad at us?” Soph suddenly asked, after seeing Wasp’s eyes close and look up in a thinking gesture. Her mum had her arms crossed, and her jester bells were making noises, along with the buzzing noises from her wings. Looking to Anubis, Soph only saw fear in his eyes, and suddenly both hoped that nothing bad was going to happen.

“So let me get this straight, you both went on some big adventure because you made a promise, and took some stuff from me without asking, just so you could go off and help other ponies and Frog-san?” Wasp asked, wanting to make sure. When she looked at the two, she saw the nods that were given and the scared looks on both of their faces. “Okay then, I just got one last question before I do what needs to be done…” Both kids tensed up quickly, and were waiting for what was to be done. They were already going over thoughts of being asked to go pack and everything, they were not however, anticipating the question that came from her mouth.

“Do you both regret any of it?” was the simple and confusing question that came from Wasp’s mouth. Soph and Anubis both looked up at her, then to eachother, and then back to her face with confusion written on their face.

“Wha-What? What do you mean?” Anubis asked, speaking for the both of them as they tried to reel the question in their heads.

“Do you both have any regrets for what you did today?” Wasp asked again. “Do you feel bad or wish you never did it?”

“I…We…”Anubis started, only for Soph to speak for both of them as she got to her feet with determined eyes and fist clenched.

“No regrets for any of this! We did what we thought was right, and we kept our promise! So go ahead, do your worst! We will pack ourselves and go back if you want!” She only looked up to her new mother for a second before both her and Anubis were swept into Wasp’s arms. The two were not expecting it and were suddenly being crushed.

“You two!” They heard Wasp say through tears. “I would never send ya back. Of course I may be a little upset for taking it without asking or saying anything, but I was more worried than anything about you two! Me and Flake would never send you two back, we promised you two we would be a family, and we are trying our best to make you two happy! Never be ashamed for the things you do that are good! I’m more proud for you two for sticking to your answers and being truthful. The most I could ever say is that I want you to do your best! Me and Flake love you, and always will.” When she finished her speech, Anubis and Soph couldn’t help but be surprised. They had never heard anything like that. When they got a little breathing room, they hugged Wasp back and didn’t let go for a while.

After about forty minutes, Wasp looked outside and saw that it was late at night, and that Soph and Anubis had fallen asleep on her. She couldn’t help but smile as she lifted them up and put them to bed. She would give them their ‘gifts’ tomorrow. She hoped they would like the scarves that were made from Flakes mom. How would she know though. She kissed the two goodnight and went to get ready herself for bed, before there was a knock at the door.

“Who…could that be at this hour?” Wasp said, going towards the door. As she peered through the handmade door window, she caught the site of green and opened the door. “Frog-san? Why are you here this late?” she asked confused. This was going to be such a long day.

“Kero! I finally found out were those two kids lived! They ran off before I could reward them, and it turned out they did me a bigger favor then I thought! Kero!” Frog said happily, bouncing on her webbed feet.

“Soph and Anubis?” Wasp asked, getting a nod from Frog-san. “They just told me the story of what they did today, but how did the two help you more?” she asked the polly frog.

“Well, me being the green artist I am, I got a lot of commissions since Hearts and Hooves day is coming up, you know?” She asked rhetorically. Wasp still nodded to show she understood. Frog then continued, “Well it turns out that whatever the supplies were made of that those two got me were filled with magic! It cut my time in half and got my work done super fast! It even colored it the way I wanted too! Because of that, I got the money I needed and now I’m going to be able to take Fox-sempai out for a really good time, or she will, either way! I will be able to make a great hearts and hooves day gift for her!” She bounced excitedly and more rapidly now. She looked like she was about to just hop off in one fell hop to her house.

“That’s wonderful Frog-san! I’m happy for you! But why are you here so late?” Wasp asked, gesturing to the time.

“Well, I was just so happy, so I got them tickets to go to a cool water park that I know of! They told me they wanted to go swimming, but didn’t get a chance today! So I hope they have fun! I’m off back home now! I have a fox to love! KERO!” Frog said with a shout of happiness and hopped quickly away. Wasp could only stare and smile at the sight, and closed the door. She wondered how many ponies Soph and Anubis made happy today, and how many hearts and hooves day’s they just made from doing errands. She giggled a little and went to get for bed, as she was really tired from making Flakes present special.

As Wasp laid down on her bed and closed her eyes, she had only two thoughts run through her mind. The first being:  Note to self, make sure to not let Soph and Anubis near that polly wolly’s pond for at least a week if what happened near New years happens again… and the second thought being: Yup…so going to get in trouble from Flake when she hears of this..
Two twin ponies helping a Frog out have a little adventure!

So, I have always wanted to start writing/typing up stories, but never had the guts or confidence to do so. Let's just say that thanks to a certain Frog, I feel like I want to start doing so! I don't know how good I am, or if anything will be liked, but I am so going to practice for sure! 

Anywho, I might as well start going and going, while I have some free time! Any help or improvement advice is always welcome! I will aprecciate it none the less! 

By the way, Frog-san is a cool frog that should totally be looked at! Her art is great!

This was typed up in like 3 hours, but I just wanted to do it. 

MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Professional General Artist
Frogtastic!!  How nice it it to meet Wasp-kun's little foals!  This story was very entertaining to read...I especially liked the game of round robin the kids had to play in order to get Frog's magic Microns, hehe.

WaspJestor Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
We have pleased our Froggy Goddess! The sacrifice and ritual is complete! Now The great Fox-san will not kill us! All glory to the Frog! 

I thank you for this, it really does make me feel like a happy wasp! 

*happy buzzing sounds*
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Professional General Artist
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